James D. White and the Red Hamlet…

Media of Marx and RussiaIn series of books and articles, James D. White have been building a strong and ground-breaking argument regarding Marx, Marxism, Marxist methodology, Marx’s theory of history and how and why his life project of critique of political economy was not competed and remained as “Das Capital”, could not expand on theorising State and World market, and forming an integral whole. With his 2018, Marx and Russia: The Fate of a Doctrine, White culminates his life work and set forward his argument. In doing so he does not only breakes a new ground for the study of Marx and Marxism, Russia and Russian Revolution, White also sets the modern history on its feet, clarifies key misconceptions generated by acts and non-acts of figures like Marx and Engels themselves, and others like Plekhanov, Lenin, Stalin, and Trotsky too. He brings back lost figures like Kovalevsky, Sieber, and finally Bogdanov and fixes a major cracks in the history, generated mainly by the official soviet histography, or historians of Marxism, who did not effort and go back to the original sources to uncover stuff and kept reproducing same misconceptions through generations.

The below are James D. White’s 1996 and 2001 books, in which he sets out this argument and presents sea of evidences.

Karl Marx and the Intellectual Origins of Dialectical Materialism (1996)Image result for Red Hamlet Bogdanov

Lenin: The Practice and Theory of Revolution (2001)

I could not find a pdf version of his 1994 The Russian Revolution 1917-1921: A Short History

Here is the link to White’s 2018 Marx and Russia: https://www.bloomsbury.com/uk/marx-and-russia-9781474224086/
And finally, his forthcoming book, in November 2018, is the first ever written and published intellectual history of Alexander Bogdanov, Red Hamlet: The Life and Ideas of Alexander Bogdanov (https://brill.com/view/title/25179)

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