About SNU

Social Network Unionism Project is not only about theorising the recent developments in  P2P technology, the phenomenon called Web 2.0, and conceptualising the transformatory impact of these technical developments on unions at national and international levels, and labour movement in general.

Besides defining the concept of SNU, by looking closely to the existing practices within and without established unions and labour organisations, the project also aims at promoting a new type of working class organisation that takes online and real world social, peer to peer networking principles into the core of its exisitance.

The idea is based on the premise that the developement in the mentioned communication and media technology since 2004 onwards, has created new organisational capacities for networks as well as new networking capacities for organisations. There are already astonishing experiements taking place towards future promising syntheses from whose succeses and failures we can learn and upon them we can build new models; not only to grow in numbers and fight back stronger, but also to form wider alliances and start building new social, economic and political norms and cultures bottom up.

Based on these insights the objective of this blog is to explore further on the potential of such ‘Social Network Unionism’ in terms of reaching out the unorganisible, activating organised rank and file, making direct democracy a reality, and bridging as much transformatory social forces as possible.

We hope that such concept and effort would contribute to the global process of union revitalization and may be further to the general emancipation of labour from ‘work’, meaning to be passive object of greed for private profit and power.

January, 2011


6 thoughts on “About SNU

  1. Please redesign the header for your website. I totally support what you advocate but when it comes to forwarding links to your website I shrink back, the forms and the colours are so unpleasant. Sorry I am not a designer so can’t offer to help, but there are many do-it-yourself versions available on the net. Just make a simple title, no need for clever designs.

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