At the Escuelita Zapatista, Students Learn Community Organizing and Civil Resistance as a Way of Life | via OWS Zapatista

The Class Was Stopped Twice: The First Time to Emphasize the Importance of Discipline in Their Organization

By Alex Mensing
Special to The Narco News Bulletin

August 29, 2013

From August 11-17, the Zapatistas brought more than 1,500 people into their communities to attend the Escuelita Zapatista, the Little Zapatista School. According to a February comunicado by the EZLN, in a class entitled Liberty According to the Zapatistas: Autonomous Government I, “our compas from the Zapatista bases of support are going to share the little we have learned about the struggle for freedom, and the [the students] can see what is useful or not for their own struggles.” Continue reading

Agora99, 1-4 November, Rome


What is it?
Agora99 is a Euro-Mediterranean meeting on Debt, Democracy and Rights aimed to create a wide and shared process towards a Europe of the commons. The first Agora99 was held on November 1–4 2012 in Madrid, after the proposal was born in an international assembly during Blockupy Frankfurt 2012. The next Agora99 will be held from 1st to 3rd of November 2013 in Rome.

Why another Agora99?
Beyond the important mobilizations and action days taking place around Europe there’s also a continuous need to open spaces for common discussion on the transformation of the Euro-Mediterranean space. Even though the Euro-Mediterranean area has been deeply wounded by austerity measures, impoverishment, loss of social rights and rising racism, the crumbling fortress Europe isn’t just a space of crisis held hostage by the Troika. It’s also a transforming, everchanging space, kept alive by the many diverse, simultaneously sprouting struggles demanding rights and democracy instead of debt slavery.
During recent years the 99% has risen up all over the world against national governments and financial power. In this scenario, the translation of these struggles into a common constituent process is what’s at stake.

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Hub Meeting BCN pre-call [ENG-SPA-FRA-ITA]


Hub Meeting 2013 2nd round – 13/15 September, Barcelona

This year, in Turkey, Egypt and Brazil, the metropolitan strike has been used as a tool by the many people who are claiming new rights and a real democracy, reasserting its presence globally. We would like October 15, 2013 to be a territory inhabited and shared by many, constructed collectively, once the proposals to attack corruption and financial capitalism, not only symbolically, but also materially through specific practices, have been defined. We believe that this can only come about if the multiple networks, social movements and processes which in this common cycle of struggles are challenging the arrogance of financial power come together and discuss these issues. Thus, our proposal is to build, together, a meeting with working days to address the implementation of new forms of social protest in the week dedicated to the fight against debt and austerity ofOctober 15. We would like to invite you to prepare these days with us, which will be the 4th edition of the Hub Meeting.


To work on the construction of the social strike for the week of October 15, 2013, where “social strike” means a strike outside the traditional framework of the official trade unions, etc.

The new paradigm of expropriation of common wealth, based on the process of financialization of the economy and the limitation of access to knowledge/information, calls for new antagonistic forms and actions. The action must impact the flows and processes of the things that create value to affect the enemy. Blocking businesses, schools, universities, means of transport, etc. could be a starting point for the building of new institutions beyond the labor market, for universal citizenship.

Moreover, people living precariously, paperless migrants, pensioners, students, the unemployed, interns… are groups in themselves, and are precisely those most affected by the material conditions of existence, who cannot participate in the typical strikes. We must be able to think up inclusive and open forms of mobilization and action that promote empowerment and participation in them.

This meeting will serve to organise actions that can be replicated in different places, and share mechanisms and methods to create actions, participate in them and spread them, taking into account the each territory’s specific characteristics. The aim is to construct a new kind of imagery to define new human, economic and social relationships that will help to transform the power relationships between governments, financial powers and society.

With love,

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Occupy (Inter) National Gathering released a teaser video today. In the video, we see Occupy Sandy volunteers, Om circles and pepper spray. Occupy is not only not leaving, it’s coming back wiser and stronger! PLEASE SHARE WIDELY!

Activists from around the world will gather at the site of the ruined Kalamazoo river to share what they’ve learned over the last year. The video also gives a hint of the daily themes and illustrate what to expect over five days of “Peace. Love and Democracy”

‪#‎NatGat2‬ in Kzoo ~ Video Teaser:

‪#‎NatGat2013‬ #NatGat2013 @Ng2Kzoo ‪#‎Occupy‬ (Inter) National Gathering ‪#‎Kalamazoo‬ 8/21-25

Please SHARE!  Please LIKE our facebook  page!   Please DONATE!

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Zapatistas celebrate 10 years of autonomy with ‘escuelita’| ROAR + message from OWSZapatista and SupMarcos

Post image for Zapatistas celebrate 10 years of autonomy with ‘escuelita’
following is an email from comrade OWSZapatista and attached is the last
communiqes from SupMarcos…

The Zapatistas invite 1.500 activists from all over the world to a
‘Little School of Liberty’ in Chiapas to learn from their experiment
with autonomy.

It was 10 years ago, on January 1, 2003, when — having exhausted the
road of dialogue with the government as well the one of a “big R”
Revolution that would overthrow the Mexican state — the Zapatistas of
Chiapas decided to “abandon the politics of demands, and with it, all
contact with the state.” Instead, they chose to concentrate on
building their own autonomous, horizontal forms of self-government
within their own territories and with their own means.

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Transnational Online Forum to Evaluate the Re-resurgence of the Grassroots [EN, TR, FR, ES, PT, IT, AR]

DATE: 27th June

UCT / GMT: 18.00
London: 19.00
Madrid: 20.00
Istanbul: 21.00
Rio de Jenairo: 15.00
New York and Montreal: 14:00

Check your local time here: time zone converter (

Location: MUMBLE: server
Room: Assemblies & Round Tables > OPEN SPACE

Mumble is a voice chat Open Source software (works similar to Skype but is not a corporate tool). Please follow these instructions to get connected. If this is the first time you use Mumble, please try to log in at least half an hour in advance, we will be there to help you.
How to join Mumble:


Updates from countries
Exchange on global may and re*resurgence of the peoples
Where are we heading?
(Facilitation of the meetings start half an hour before.
You are more than welcome to share this invitation in your networks!)

Signs we use in the text chat during our mumble meetings:
WWWW or +1 = I agree
MMMMM or -1 = I disagree
****turn**** = I ask for turn
+++++ = I have a direct response
TTTTT = I ask for a technical point
##### = please kindly try to conclude


Read this invitation text in
1) English 2) Türkçe 3) Français 4) Português 5) Italiano 6) Español 7) Arabic

This call is to build together an international assembly on Mumble (chat/voice program) with the comrades from Spain, Germany, London, US, Brazil, Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Turkey, Tunısia, Quebec and all other places we could reach, where people fıght for their dignity themselves.

The naked truth is that the peoples were already on the streets and squares yet they are once back in masses…

Things are still hot and many things (re-)emerging, in Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Bulgaria, Brazil, Greece, Germany, London, US,….. and there are lots of things and information we need to engage with.

Therefore with this call we invite you for an transnational online assembly to exchange and update each other on Global May mobilisations and the new uprisings coming in its

We would also like to reflect on where we are heading: 15O, 5November, 19O, …….

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#GLOBALP2P Video Conference with Simultaneous Interpretation on Mumble | Democracy and Life, transversal democracy

Indigenous, Arab Spring, Squares, Indignados, Occupy, Yo Soy!, Chapulcular, Hackers, Students, Artists, Designers, Activists,……

Today, 14 Jun, 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Coordinado por +Domenico Di Siena (@urbanohumano) y +Bernardo Gutiérrez (@bernardosampa)La democracia representativa está viviendo el peor momento de su historia. La transformación hacia una democracia participativa, abierta, interactiva, parece inevitable. Sin embargo, no acabamos de llegar a un nuevo paradigma democrático. El rumbo de las etiquetas / líneas de trabajo #GobiernoAbierto#DatosAbiertos y #Transparencia parecen insuficientes. El nuevo papel de las urbes en la política parece insinuar un nuevo orden de poderes en el que lo nacional, lo regional, lo municipal y lo global van de la mano. Por otro lado, algunos Gobiernos están creando plataformas y herramientas de participación ciudadana. Pero, en ocasiones, la participación es menor de la esperada. La comunidad, la ciudadanía, no acaba de entrar en los mecanismos participativos diseñados por el poder. Y la política, el comportamiento político, está ocurriendo en otras plataformas, en otros lugares, en otros territorios. En la era del WI-FI, los teléfonos móviles con conexión y la información ubicua, la democracia en tiempo real es posible. La democracia es algo que puede suceder en cualquier lugar, en cualquier momento

[Google translation]

Representative democracy is going through the worst time in its history. The transformation to a participatory democracy, open, interactive, seems inevitable. However, we just got a new democratic paradigm. The direction of the labels / lines work # GobiernoAbierto, # DatosAbiertos and # Transparency seem insufficient. The new role of cities in politics seems to suggest a new order of powers in which the national, the regional, the local and the global go together. On the other hand, some governments are creating platforms and tools for citizen participation. But sometimes, participation is lower than expected. The community, the citizens, not just entering participatory mechanisms designed for power. And politics, political behavior is happening on other platforms, elsewhere, in other territories. In the era of Wi-Fi, mobile phones with free and ubiquitous information, real-time democracy possible. Democracy is something that can happen anywhere, at any time

8-9 June – Call for Global Solidarity with #OccupyGezi // 8-9 Haziran’da #OccupyGezi ile Dayanışma Çağrısı

Capulcular Birlesiyor: 8-9 Haziran 2013 – #OccupyGezi ile Kuresel Dayanisma:

Tum arkadaslarinizi davet edin, yayin, herkesi arkadaslarini davet etmeye cagirin!

Capulcular komen samen wereld wide! 8-9 Juni 2013 – #OccupyGezi Global Solidarity / spread de woord, uitnodig alle vrienden!

Capulcular United: Spread the word, invite your friends!

Facebook Event:

Seminar Report: Networking for the Emancipation of Labour by Örsan Şenalp

Supported by transform! europe, Transnational Institute, Networked Politics and IGOPNet, an international seminar on Networked Labour was held in Amsterdam from 7 to 9 May.

Around 25 activists, practitioners, researchers and theorists from various networks , organisations and backgrounds came together to contribute to the on-going debates on the changing nature of the capitalist modes of production, linking it to emerging new social forces and political actors.

The program of the seminar was constructed in an open sourced way. The ‘code’ draft program was designed and shared online prior to the event. According to it, the focus was the impact of internet and telecommunication on production modes, work organisation, and political protest and organisation.

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Labour as a Common-Pool Resource by Tom Walker

Group logo of Stream 2: Working and CaringTo better explain what it means to regard labour power as a common-pool resource, it is helpful to first take a step backward to the more conventional notion that labour is a commodity, the price of which “rises and falls according to the demand.” as Edmund Burke claimed over two centuries ago.

Midway between that assertion and the concept of labour power as a common-pool resource is the refutation that labour is not a commodity. That negative claim was officially endorsed in Section 6 of the U.S. Clayton Antitrust Act. Hailed by American Federation of Labor president Samuel Gompers as a “Charter of Industrial Freedom,” Section 6 proclaimed that “the labor of a human being is not a commodity or article of commerce.” Nearly identical wording was incorporated into the Treaty of Versailles in 1919 as a guiding principle for the establishment of the International Labour Organization and reaffirmed as a first principle of the I.L.O. in 1944.

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From the uprising in northern Africa to the assemblies in Spain, followed by the spreading of Occupy, new social movements have sprung up all over the world. Our structures, ways of organising and tactics are still in their embryonic form: working through experimentations and learning from the inevitable difficulties. To progress and strengthen these processes, it is important that we come together to reflect on them and build visions.

Therefore, we invite you to participate in GlobalSkillsXChange in London this June.

Workshops will take place on the weekend of the 8th and 9th of June, followed by a week of actions and events for democracy, against G8*. We will share tools, skills and experience to take back to our local struggles, while defining common projects/actions/campaigns for global collaboration – moving away from capitalism and fake democracy towards fair, sustainable futures.

The event will focus on 4 axes:

  • Real democracy, assemblies and horizontal organising
  • Economical, social and political alternatives
  • Strategies of resistance and action
  • Online platforms/resources/tools

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Networked Solidarity workshop by GlobalSquare (Occupy the World Social Forum) initiative

Dear comrades,

Global Square initiative ( has been preparing a
space in and around the World Social Forum in Tunis in order to
exchange, share and reflect on our recent experiences in horizontal grass roots uprisings / movements, among ourselves as well as with others coming from other countries, regions and realities.

The program of all the activities that will be organised within
official Forum can be found here:

There will also be other events and spaces self–organised outside the Forum by those of us who will be travelling to and residing in Tunis.

Any one can also join these activities as individuals or assemblies
via online social media



Skype:  globalsquare1

Twitter: #GlobalSquare


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Parecon Vs. Peercommony: An Exchange Between Michael Albert and Christian Siefkes | ZNet


Debating Parecon (Participatory Economy)

Albert:  Summarizing Parecon
Siefkes: My Doubts About Parecon
Albert:  Peercommony Doubts Parecon?
Siefkes: Why I Still Doubt

Debating Peercommony (Commons based peer economy)

Siefkes: Summarizing Peercommony
Albert:  Considering Peercommony
Siefkes: Peercommony Reconsidered 
Albert:  Replying to Siefkes Reconsideration

Public reach out campaign for the Global Square initiative!

Group logo of Communication

We have started a social media offensive for public reach out for the Global Square initiative.

Please spread this email and links as wide as possible!!

GlobalSquare is a series of online and physical meetings and assemblies whose participants and organisers are individuals linked to the 15M, Occupy, student movements, Yo Soy 132, T’harrek, Idle No More, VIA22 as well as other grassroots and horizontal movements. Our objective is to prepare a lively open space for physical contact and exchange during the World Social Forum (WSF) which will take place from 26-30 March 2013 in Tunis.]

You can read more about the GlobalSquare here on the website:

The facebook and google+ pages for Global Square are:

FB Page:

Google+ Page:

We will use #GlobalSquare hashtag on twitter.

In solidarity!

Networked solidarity? An open workshop during the WSF in Tunis on the interactions between labour, NGOs, political groups and the squares

Group logo of Networked solidarity?

Public Group on Global Square website to prepare the workshop

General objective of the workshop is to evaluate the recent experiences of networking and solidarity between, on the one hand, the horizontal square movements, free information movements, student movements, indigenous movements and so on, and on the other more vertical political groups and institutions like progressive unions, NGOs and civil society organisations.

We would like to pay particular attention on the new experiences of solidarity that has put forward an emancipatory vision instead of or together with a vision of positive changes within the existing system. Important examples were Spanish, Greek, UK, and 14N general strikes in Europe, Oakland, West Coast, May 1st general strikes and Walmart strikes where students, artists, hackers, IWW or other unions’ members, Occupy activists have closely collaborated. These are only several among many interactions happening between rank and file labour activists, community and union organisers and activists from new horizontal grass-roots movements in recent years. Besides there have been many factory, work place, hospital, university, public space occupations we need to learn from.

HomeThere is a significant knowledge created through such experiences that is essential for our walk to dignity, in order to see possibilities for alliances that could harmonise many struggles to create better worlds. We would like to contribute to the on-going exchanges by opening this space during the World Social Forum in Tunis, where various activists from different generations, regions and movements will meet each other

World Social Forum: Critical Explorations | Edited by Jai Sen and Peter Waterman

OpenWord, New Delhi, 2012

Available FROM TODAY as an ebook @ and soon also @

And soon to be also available as print-on-demand.


Some advance comments on Critical Explorations :

This is an extraordinary book about an extraordinary phenomenon. From the outset of the 21st century, the World Social Forum has been the premier venue of world social movements. It has been the home of globalized challenges to corporate globalization and neoliberalism from the global opposition to the Iraq war to the transnational challenge to caste and racism to the anti-austerity politics of the Great Recession. It has led to renewed hope that “another world is possible”.

As the Indignados, Occupy Wall Street, climate protection, and other large new movements have spread around the globe in the past two years, the ways in which the World Social Forum and these new movements choose to relate to each other will be critical.  For those who wish to understand the WSF and its limits and potentials for the period ahead, there is no better guide than the new book World Social Forum : Critical Explorations.   Continue reading

GlobalSqaure – Grassroots towards, around and beyond the WSF

GlobalSquare is a series of online and physical meetings and assemblies whose participants and organisers are individuals linked to the 15M, Occupy, Student Movements, Yo Soy 132!, Tharek, Idle No More!, VIA22 as well as other movements. Our objective is to prepare a lively open space for physical contact and exchange during the World Social Forum (WSF) which will take place from 26-30 March 2013 in Tunisia where the flames of the global intifada first sparked in January 2011.  We are hoping to enhance collaborations and exchange among citizens and activists who are linked to various movements in different continents by organising collective events and actions towards, around and beyond the WSF.

Call for the Next global Assembly VIA22

Inline image 1

Version en español abajo (Por favor difundir!)



In this email:
1- VIA22 Call
2- Next global Assembly VIA22 
3- January 22nd 2013 #22J ? Jump in!
4- VIA22 in your  area?
5- What are the main objectives of VIA22’s monthly process?
1-VIA22 Call
Student movements, #globalNOISE, Occupy, the Indignados,  Take the Square, Democracia Real Ya, Idle No More, Social Forums,  Take the Square, Democracia Real Ya,  Social Forums, #Yosoy132, Y’en a marre, social  movements and long time human rights activists and environmentalists, First  Nations, rural and urban populations, organisations of civil society around the  world: let us share our knowledge and resources! Let us connect and unite local  and global action. May our indignation be our greatest source of  creativity…

2-Next global Assembly VIA22
VIA22 – a new international, open and  horizontal, collective inspired by the global grassroots movements and born during Quebec’s Maple Spring – is continuing it’s monthly  processes of local and global actions of convergence every 22nd of each month. That’s why we are inviting you to join our next international Assembly that will take place on January 22nd at 16h/4pm GMT, in the voice chat program Mumble (instructions on how to connect to Mumble:

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Global Communications Network online meeting, Sunday January 27th, at 9pm GMT [EN, Fr, S]



Global Communications Network online meeting, Sunday January 27th, at 9pm GMT*** 

***Convert to your local time :

This is an invitation for you to join the 7th call for the ” International Communications Network”. It will take place on Sunday January 27th, at 9pm GMT*** through the chat voice program Mumble, on the Tomalaplaza server, in the channel International. To know how to install, run MUMBLE and connect to the call, see the instructions below.

Who are we and why we want to meet?

This is an open and horizontal effort to support transnational communications, networking and decision making among different global justice movements. The initiative came from activists of different parts of the world, involved in the social movements of the ‘Global Spring’ of 2011-12-13 (#Occupy, Indignados, #15M, #Yosoy132, #VIA22 and many others), and is open to all the people who wants to encourage the dialogue of those who fight for the defence of the integrity of human beings and the earth.

* Main pad – All the documentation (minutes and working documents) that came out of the 6 first meetings can be found in this main pad : (Please, we need help with translations for our pads! In the meanwhile, provides a tool that can allow a basic understanding of the documents, if you want clarification on a particular point, do not hesitate to ask)

Good news! 
Fellows from Interoccupy are working on a newer version of their site and are offering a similar platform to our International network (without the Occupy label). Fellows from InterOccupy are working on a newer version of their site and are in discussions about offering a similar platform for our International network (without the Occupy label).  The InterOccupy platform, designed for communication, collaboration, and organizing, includes a number of tools created by many people (both inside and outside of InterOccupy) and is intended to be expandable to include more.  The new version should be completed in a couple of months, but it is on its way!
Please join in!
This meeting is open to everyone! We are specially hoping to hear new voices of people living in the Global South, of more woman and from people that do not speak english (spanish and french interpretation will be provided during the call). We really need your input and perspectives!
 All those interested in the promotion of this networking process between social movements are also really wecome! We feel there is an enormous potential to create an unbreakable, rich and powerful global communications network, taking previous efforts to the next level!
Looking forward to hear you!! (Please confirm your presence 🙂
If you need help with Mumble or would like to know more about this initiative, please don’t hesitate to ask! And if you haven’t done so yet, you are also invited to join our mailinglist :

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