Occupy-15M World Social Forum Planning (Mumble) Meeting – 30 November 19:00 GMT

This is a Call for a Mumble Meeting / Open Space on 30 November 2012 at 19.00 pm GMT


World Social Forum 2013 will be taking place in Monastir, Tunis in March. This Forum might be a strategic space for us. Tunis has become a symbolic place for the global movement, as the Arab Spring was born there. March would be a proper time to gather and exchange with other movements and networks that have florished in the North African regions and the Arab World. This forum would serve as a meeting place for those involved in local Occupations, assemblies, and mobilisations in other parts of the world during 2011 and 2012. We can build and strengthen the links between exsisting neworks around the mediterenean region and globally strategise May and October joint-actions. We can practice our methodologies, as we did in Firenze 10+10, while communicating and sharing our new knowledge and tool kits with those outside these movements.

The idea behind this Mumble Meeting is the necessity to discuss and share ideas, experiences and opinions we’ve developed in the common spaces we have created such as transnational assemblies, Hub Meetings, Agora 99 as well as others like Firenze 10+10 and to reflect on the possibile approaches to be developed towards the WSF 2013: Do we need to Occupy World Social Forum, in order to come together at the global level, for the first time since 15M or Tahrir moments? Can we create new synergies that would contribute our transnational and translocal struggles to build egalterian and geniune democracies globally?

Lets meet this Friday (30.11) AND next week on Friday 7th via Mumble to discuss this in depth and start developing an approach towards WSF 2013.

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Final Plenary in Firenze 10+10 Tension, discussion and finally an agreement among social movements, civil society, trade unions and cizitens from all over Europe

Final Plenary in Firenze 10+10
Tension, discussion and finally an agreement among social movements, civil society, trade unions and cizitens from all over Europe. Worth to see it!

More than solidarity: European movement against Austerity gathers strength

European trade unions and movements are taking the fight against austerity to a new level on November 14 reports Chris Nineham from Florence

The meeting of two or three thousand European activists and trades unionists in Florence headlined ‘Firenze 10 + 10’ has been lifted by plans for a united day of action across Europe. Wednesday November 14th will mark a breakthrough in the struggle against austerity in Europe. There will be co-ordinated general strikes in Portugal, Greece and Spain and significant strikes and solidarity actions in many other countries. The CGIL union in Italy, for example, an organisation of nearly six million, has announced a strike of all its members around the country.

This is a historic and crucial development. There have been other European days of action and joint protests in Brussels and elsewhere, but this will be the first time since the great anti-war protests nearly ten years ago that this level of co-ordination has taken place across borders. It is the first time that general strikes have been organised simultaneously. Continue reading

JOINING FORCES FOR COMMON EUROPEAN STRIKE : Our Democracy instead of Their Austerity | Firenze 10+10

More than 4 thousand participants, 300 networks and organisations from 28 countries from all over Europe and beyond, met at Fortezza da Basso in Florence from November 8th to 11th, to debate and strategize together for another Europe.  Over 100 meetings took place and many new networks and campaigns were launched.  A call for common action and a proposed road map emerged from the convergence meeting: 


Our Democracy instead of Their Austerity

Social organizations, social movements, trade unions and citizens working against austerity and debt, for natural and social commons, for social and labour rights, for democracy, global justice and peace, for gender issues and migrant rights have gathered in Florence 10+10.

We call for a European permanent mobilization to support the fights against the crisis and build a future for everyone in Europe and in the world. This mobilization will include both convergence and decentralizes actions.

The first unifying initiative towards a European-wide convergence is the General strikes and mobilisations against austerity in many countries in Europe on the 14 of November 2012.

We propose to have a common day of action on the occasion of the EU Spring Summit, which will take place in Brussels on March 23rd. The format and final call for this common mobilization will be discussed and agreed in the following months in an open and participatory process.

We call for endorsement of the following actions and mobilizations

  • 18 December 2012: World Migrants Day
  • 23-27 January 2013: Action Against Financialisation of life and commons (actions against banks)
  • 8 March 2013: European action affirming women emancipation against austerity and debt
  • 26-30 March 2013: World Social Forum in Tunis
  • May 2013: Blockupy in Frankfurt (Germany)
  • 7-9 June 2013 (proposal): Alter Summit in Athens (Greece)
  • June 2013: G8 Counter Summit in UK (tbc)
  • Concrete solidarity actions to support the people hit by the Austerity policies as well as the victims of racist violence and abuse

All organisations and movements may endorse the actions in which to participate and the forms for doing so.

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Making Firenze10+10 a success: some concrete proposals Francine Mestrum, Global Social Justice

[Below is an intervention made by Francine Menstrum of Global Social Justice, on the open email list created for discussion on the successful convergence and collaboration towards and within Firenze 10+10 space that will take place between November 8-11, 2012]

Firenze10+10 is an important event. The organizers have to be congratulated for their initiative and for the wonderful way in which they have been preparing the event, with amazing organizational capacity and with a political awareness of the urgency of convergence and alternatives.

Whether the event will be a success, no one knows. Whether one will succeed in avoiding an a-political consensus-seeking and/or a total absence of any convergence remains to be seen.

Let me explain what I mean.

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