The P2P Prince?: The form and the program of the transnational REvolutionary subjectivity

Below text is an excpert from unpublished and unedited 2012 article Another World, Now! Coming of the Transnational REvolutions and the P2P Prince.

The  modern  prince,  the  myth-prince,  cannot  be  a  real  person,  a  concrete individual. It can only be an organism, a complex element of society in which a collective will, which has  already been recognised and has to some  extent asserted itself in action, begins to take concrete form. (A. Gramsci)


Italian political activist and theorist Antonio Gramsci’s core concepts like hegemony, organic crisis, historic bloc, war of position and war of manoeuvre are central to our understanding of today’s complex global capitalist system as well as the catastrophic changes that are currently taking place in it. Referring to the original concept developed by Gramsci, global political economy theorist Stephen Gill describes the 2008 global financial turmoil as the manifestation of an organic crisis at the global level. [1] We can also read the outcomes of the global organic crisis following another neo-Gramscian theorist Robert Cox as a mixture of three scenarios he describes.[2] First one is a global (military) Keynesian recovery being pushed by the West. Regional wars moving from the periphery to the centre involving massive destruction of lives, cities and the nature, as we witness it happening since the 9/11. The second scenario is the rise of global fascism in tandem with the regional wars. This has also been happening, especially increasingly in the centre, since 2007; highlighting the race to the bottom caused by the strengthening of totalitarian forms of capitalism at the main contenders like China, Russia and India. Finally and the last scenario is accompanying transnational revolutions, like the uprisings in the northern Africa, Americas and Europe also happening.[3]

What brought humanity to this point is not a secret and also made clear by many thinkers, intellectuals, and activists. The above mentioned article by Gill is only one of the public records. It is very clear however where we have to drive history as the humanity, the third option: Transnational revolutions. Again, following Gramsci and Gill, we can think of the realisation of the transnational revolutions in relation to the ‘Prince’. For his time Gramsci thought of it as the collective subjectivity which will give the moral leadership to a wider counter-hegemonic historic bloc, and shape the form and content of the communist revolution in a national context. And it was the communist part of the working class. Gill referred to the anti- and alter-globalisation movement. Continue reading

All the fists of the world are GNUniting! First Brainstorm – Online Meeting This Sunday at 13.00 PM GMT

All the fists of the world are GNUniting!
First Brainstorm – Online Meeting This Sunday at 13.00 PM GMT

We are the workers whose free labour and privacy has been stolen, and sold
for greed! We have been abused, spied on and betrayed constantly. Before
this massive exploitation and surveillance machine turns into a global
apparatus in the hands of fascism, being operationalized for direct
oppression, we have to unite our fists and strike back!

This May Day is the time… How and what is not decided yet, there are
initial ideas but much is needed to put the global collective intelligence
at work to defend our and our children’s rights and dignity! Join us this
Sunday and bring your most free, creative, powerful and peaceful ideas and
dreams along… We did beat Freon, Caesars, Barons, Kings, Emperors,
Merchants, Industrial Capitalists and Nazis in the past, we can beat the
TNCs, CEOs and 1% as well!

We call all the workers, hackers, makers, farmers, artists, indignant and
outraged to GNUnite all their constructive capacity around the most
spectacular free libre and open sourced swarm to fight back and win!

Hasta la Siempre Victoria!

GNUnion (Global Networked Labour Union) One Big Meshwork of Workers, Hackers, Farmers, Artists, Makers and Opressed Peoples of the World


Global Networked Labour Union, GNUnion – One Big Mesh Network, is the released 1.0 Beta version of new generation, free to join, borderless worker self-organisation, a work in progress. Its main ispiration is the history, struggle and experiences of Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) on the one hand, and free-libre, and open source software GNU/Linux, on the other.

GNUnion is also inspired by comrades standing against global capitalism in women, Lgbt,  immigrant, environmental and social justice movements, Zapatistas, anti & alter golobalisation movements, social forums, free knowledge- information and culture movements; as part of organisations like WikilLeaks, Caos Computer Club, MayFirst People Link, or of recent wave of digital and real world uprisings Anonymous, 15M, Occupy, Gezi and others.

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Follow #MillionMaskMarch ‘es Around the World Live Here

#BillionMaskMarch – On the International Road to Dignity

rEvolutionary activists, immigrant-flex workers, lgbts, unionists, environmentalists, hackers, makers, artivists of the World,


Show  Transnational, Outernational and International Solidarity

#BillionMaskMarch Events List – Latest Update – 443 City Across the World and Growing

1 Aberdeen, UK —
2 Abilene, Texas —
3 Abuja, Nigeria —
4 Adelaide, SA, Australia —
5 Agua Prieta, Sonora, Mexico —
6 Albany, New York —
7 Allentown, Pennsylvania —
8 Amarillo, Texas —
9 Amsterdam, Netherlands —
10 Amsterdamn, Netherlands (2) —
11 Anchorage, Alaska —
12 Ankara, Turkey —
13 Ann Arbor, Michigan —!/events/694777357216577/
14 Annapolis, Maryland —
15 Antalya, Turkey —
16 Aosta, Italy —
17 Athens, Greece —
18 Atlanta, Georgia (2) —
19 Atlanta, Georgia —
20 Auckland, New Zealand —
21 Auckland, New Zealand —
22 Augusta, Maine —
23 Austin, Texas —
24 Bahia Salvador, Brazil —
25 Bakersfield, California —
26 Baltimore, Maryland —
27 Bangalore, India —
28 Barcelona, Spain —
29 Bari, Italy —
30 Baton Rouge, Louisiana —
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RedHack ve Anonymus’dan 5 Kasım’da Dünya Çapında Eylem Çağrısı


“Merhaba dünya. Biz Anonymous. Biz insanlarız. Dünya devletleri, bu mesaj, son UYARIMIZDIR. Oyun resmen sona erdi. Sosyal medya yeni bir şey doğurdu. Şimdi kayıtları doğru tutmanın zamanıdır. Bu video dünyanın kalbine ve aklına iletilen o kıvılcımın güdülenmiş halidir. Bu video bir fikir, paylaşılmış bir fikir. Bu yüzden dikkatli dinleyin ve oturduğunuzdan emin olun.


Tüm özgür düşüncelilere sesleniyoruz! Zaman; dünya sivil itaatsizlik zamanıdır. Zaman; aynı zamanda, dünyanın her yerindeki sivil direnişlerin desteklendiği bir zamandır. Arslan artık uyumuyor. Kendinize şunu sorun; Biz tarihi yaratırken siz nerede olacaksınız?

5 Kasım 2013 Dünya çapında. Şimdi bu bir kan davasıdır (vandettadır), kişiseldir.


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