#BillionMaskMarch Events List – Latest Update – 443 City Across the World and Growing

1 Aberdeen, UK — https://www.facebook.com/events/520242768062009/
2 Abilene, Texas — https://www.facebook.com/events/176857429169171/
3 Abuja, Nigeria — https://www.facebook.com/events/392544020865479/
4 Adelaide, SA, Australia — https://www.facebook.com/events/675192722497614/
5 Agua Prieta, Sonora, Mexico — https://www.facebook.com/events/229149620575698/
6 Albany, New York — https://www.facebook.com/events/1391080721130915/
7 Allentown, Pennsylvania — https://www.facebook.com/events/706846972677017/
8 Amarillo, Texas — https://www.facebook.com/events/161322154070322/
9 Amsterdam, Netherlands — https://www.facebook.com/events/280464592090451/
10 Amsterdamn, Netherlands (2) — https://www.facebook.com/events/231574673641591/
11 Anchorage, Alaska — https://www.facebook.com/events/467250456727824/
12 Ankara, Turkey — https://www.facebook.com/events/358741054261719
13 Ann Arbor, Michigan — https://www.facebook.com/#!/events/694777357216577/
14 Annapolis, Maryland — https://www.facebook.com/events/672907289410628/
15 Antalya, Turkey — https://www.facebook.com/events/358741054261719
16 Aosta, Italy — https://www.facebook.com/events/171677333013961/
17 Athens, Greece —https://www.facebook.com/events/547106395362219/
18 Atlanta, Georgia (2) — https://www.facebook.com/events/494295027326302/
19 Atlanta, Georgia — https://www.facebook.com/events/524855410916380/
20 Auckland, New Zealand — https://www.facebook.com/events/409122629197756/
21 Auckland, New Zealand — https://www.facebook.com/events/444077432373727/
22 Augusta, Maine — https://www.facebook.com/events/180903655433605/
23 Austin, Texas — https://www.facebook.com/events/459778174117489/
24 Bahia Salvador, Brazil — https://www.facebook.com/events/684415568238229/
25 Bakersfield, California — https://www.facebook.com/events/488842507859700/
26 Baltimore, Maryland — https://www.facebook.com/events/451364044983743/
27 Bangalore, India — https://www.facebook.com/events/118583928349266/
28 Barcelona, Spain — http://pastebin.com/C1kNu0ye
29 Bari, Italy — https://www.facebook.com/events/174348506080805/
30 Baton Rouge, Louisiana — https://www.facebook.com/pages/Million-Mask-March-Baton-Rouge/213189838849392
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RedHack ve Anonymus’dan 5 Kasım’da Dünya Çapında Eylem Çağrısı


“Merhaba dünya. Biz Anonymous. Biz insanlarız. Dünya devletleri, bu mesaj, son UYARIMIZDIR. Oyun resmen sona erdi. Sosyal medya yeni bir şey doğurdu. Şimdi kayıtları doğru tutmanın zamanıdır. Bu video dünyanın kalbine ve aklına iletilen o kıvılcımın güdülenmiş halidir. Bu video bir fikir, paylaşılmış bir fikir. Bu yüzden dikkatli dinleyin ve oturduğunuzdan emin olun.


Tüm özgür düşüncelilere sesleniyoruz! Zaman; dünya sivil itaatsizlik zamanıdır. Zaman; aynı zamanda, dünyanın her yerindeki sivil direnişlerin desteklendiği bir zamandır. Arslan artık uyumuyor. Kendinize şunu sorun; Biz tarihi yaratırken siz nerede olacaksınız?

5 Kasım 2013 Dünya çapında. Şimdi bu bir kan davasıdır (vandettadır), kişiseldir.


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#OccupyGezi Reloaded – #DirenODTU! They are afraid of us!

Media preview

municipality trucks entering the ODTÜ forest

Since most of the students are in vacation due to 9-day holiday and cannot resist, Ankara Municipality grasps the opportunity and starts to cut down the trees in order to build a highway. Despite an ongoing judiciary process, AKP’s Ankara Municipality is keen on having a-fait-accompli strike at the forest.

A video from the scene:

ODTÜ rector revolts against Ankara municipality, says night-time construction raid ‘illegal’

‘ODTÜ does not approve the midnight raid nor consider it a good-willed approach. What’s been done is entirely illegal,’ Ahmet Acar said

Protesters plant trees where Ankara municipality cut them down on ODTÜ land

Demonstrators gathered near ODTÜ to protest the night-time construction raid through planting new trees where they had been cut down…


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GLOBAL UPRISINGS / Event De Balie Amsterdam

GlobalUprisingsThis three-day event will bring together activists, journalists and scholars from the front-lines of the popular uprisings unfolding around the world.


The Stories, Ideas and Future of Uprisings around the World


Reserve Tickets Online at http://www.debalie.nl/agenda/global-uprisings/

De Balie, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
November 15-17, 2013

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On October 25th, once again, the FCForum in Barcelona will analyse the advances of the past twelve months and will consider the future outlook in the struggle for democracy in the digital era, free culture and net neutrality.

Year after year, the FCForum serves as a civil society tool, to move forward, analyse and answer questions and observe practices that actively grapple with them. Continuing the work carried out at the FCForum in 2011 and 2012, which looked at the increasing use of the net as a tool for democratic transformation – this year it will go further into some specific issues, such as the use and misuse of Big Data, electronic voting and electronic money, and how citizens can use them to achieve a society worthy of being called democratic in the twentieth century.

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Hub Meeting BCN pre-call [ENG-SPA-FRA-ITA]



Hub Meeting 2013 2nd round – 13/15 September, Barcelona

This year, in Turkey, Egypt and Brazil, the metropolitan strike has been used as a tool by the many people who are claiming new rights and a real democracy, reasserting its presence globally. We would like October 15, 2013 to be a territory inhabited and shared by many, constructed collectively, once the proposals to attack corruption and financial capitalism, not only symbolically, but also materially through specific practices, have been defined. We believe that this can only come about if the multiple networks, social movements and processes which in this common cycle of struggles are challenging the arrogance of financial power come together and discuss these issues. Thus, our proposal is to build, together, a meeting with working days to address the implementation of new forms of social protest in the week dedicated to the fight against debt and austerity ofOctober 15. We would like to invite you to prepare these days with us, which will be the 4th edition of the Hub Meeting.


To work on the construction of the social strike for the week of October 15, 2013, where “social strike” means a strike outside the traditional framework of the official trade unions, etc.

The new paradigm of expropriation of common wealth, based on the process of financialization of the economy and the limitation of access to knowledge/information, calls for new antagonistic forms and actions. The action must impact the flows and processes of the things that create value to affect the enemy. Blocking businesses, schools, universities, means of transport, etc. could be a starting point for the building of new institutions beyond the labor market, for universal citizenship.

Moreover, people living precariously, paperless migrants, pensioners, students, the unemployed, interns… are groups in themselves, and are precisely those most affected by the material conditions of existence, who cannot participate in the typical strikes. We must be able to think up inclusive and open forms of mobilization and action that promote empowerment and participation in them.

This meeting will serve to organise actions that can be replicated in different places, and share mechanisms and methods to create actions, participate in them and spread them, taking into account the each territory’s specific characteristics. The aim is to construct a new kind of imagery to define new human, economic and social relationships that will help to transform the power relationships between governments, financial powers and society.

With love,

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Zapatistas celebrate 10 years of autonomy with ‘escuelita’| ROAR + message from OWSZapatista and SupMarcos

Post image for Zapatistas celebrate 10 years of autonomy with ‘escuelita’
following is an email from comrade OWSZapatista and attached is the last
communiqes from SupMarcos…

The Zapatistas invite 1.500 activists from all over the world to a
‘Little School of Liberty’ in Chiapas to learn from their experiment
with autonomy.

It was 10 years ago, on January 1, 2003, when — having exhausted the
road of dialogue with the government as well the one of a “big R”
Revolution that would overthrow the Mexican state — the Zapatistas of
Chiapas decided to “abandon the politics of demands, and with it, all
contact with the state.” Instead, they chose to concentrate on
building their own autonomous, horizontal forms of self-government
within their own territories and with their own means.

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Strength and Power Reimagining Revolution | Guerrilla Translation!


Image by Olmo Calvo

Amador Fernández-Savater

Translated by Stacco Troncoso, edited by Jane Loes Lipton – Guerrilla Translation!

Original text in Spanish

How is it possible that fifty people can stop a forced eviction? Not just once, but over and over again (as many as six hundred times). This question has been on my mind for a while. During the 25-S protests in Madrid 1, we saw for ourselves that the police can evict any number of protestors from anywhere. So, exactly what sort of strength allows those fifty people to stop a foreclosure eviction? What does it mean to have strength, if it’s not quite the same as having power (physical, quantitative, economic, institutional, etc.)? The following is my attempt at an answer that, by no means, fully exhausts the question. That is to say, there’s room for more answers and, above all, to keep asking the question – this, I believe, is the most important thing.

War of Position and War of Maneuver

I’m veering offroad for a bit before heading back to the highway, that being the question of how a handful of people have the strength to defend a home. Let´s look at the debate on the meaning of revolution carried out in Marxism between the two World Wars, where we’ll focus on the approach favoured by the Italian Marxist, Antonio Gramsci. At first it may seem like an odd jump, but it concerns a debate that is markedly contemporary, that the past doesn’t quite “pass”; it’s a rich deposit of images and knowledge, prone to updates and renewed sense-making from the perspective of our present problems and necessities.

Gramsci enters the debate making a distinction between a “war of maneuver” and a “war of position”. The concept of class struggle as war, described in military strategy terms, was prevalent in the Marxism of the time. What’s more, Gramsci was writing from Mussolini’s prison, and continually obliged to come up with new metaphors to evade censorship. Paradoxically, his use of cryptic and elusive language, rather than classical Marxist vocabulary, made Gramsci’s work a thousand times more useful as a source of inspiration for future readers.

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Anonymous Call to Action: #Nov5th 2013 — the Lion Sleeps No More

Posted 2 days ago on July 16, 2013, 10:15 a.m. EST by OccupyWallSt
Tags: call to actionsolidarityausterityanonymous

Two years ago last weekend Adbusters published the original OWS blog post, and the first operational OWS campaign site was set up on reddit.com. Two years ago we began a campaign to announce that the people of the world were directly entering the global political narrative and that we have no intention of ever leaving. We are still here – battered & scarred we may be, but ‘Occupy!’ is still a vibrant global call for an exploited humanity. The time is ripe for revolution.

Greetings world. We are anonymous. We are the people.

Governments of the world: take this message as your last will and testament. The game is officially over. Social media has given birth to something new. Now it’s time to set the record straight. This video is intended as that spark that gets delivered straight into the hearts and minds of the world. This video is an idea – a shared idea – so listen very carefully and make sure you are sitting down.

On the 5th of November 2013, Anonymous call for a day of global civil disobedience. This time we target all government facilities across the globe.Calling all free thinkers: the time for civil disobedience is now. This time it also seems unions from around the world are supporting this action. The lion sleeps no more. Ask yourself this: where will you be when we make history? November 5th, 2013. Worldwide. Now it’s a vendetta. Now it’s personal. Now it’s time to occupy everywhere. It’s time to throw everything we have at November 5th. It’s time to relight the flame of protest until our demands are met. Now it’s time for our brothers and sisters of the awakening to take to the streets. Austerity means war.

Here’s to the dreamers, the one’s that stand for human freedom, the Occupiers, the people that change things. It’s about solidarity, but more than that, it’s about the people, the people we meet, the people of the world standing together for a common goal. Concerned by numerous ecological and social problems, we stand united. As long as there are young and idealist people that share the views of ultimate human freedom, there will always be hope for the world.

We are anonymous. We are legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. On November 5th, 2013: EXPECT US.

Anon masks

2. Transnational Open Space Mumble Forum – 2013 World Revolution: Road to 15-O [EN. PT, ES, TR]

FB EVENT: https://www.facebook.com/events/216359545181091

1) ENGLISH : 2013 World Revolution: Road to #15O – Open Space in Mumble.
2) PORTUGUÊS: Revoluçao Mundial 2013. Rumo ao #15O: Espaço Aberto no Mumble.
3) TURKÇE: 2013 Dünya Devrimi: 15-O’ya giden yol – Mumble’da Açık Platform
4) ESPAÑOL: Revolución Mundial 2013- Rumbo al #15O. Open Space en Mumble


This is a call for an Open Space in Mumble for a massive brainstorm on the 15-O to come.


THIS SUNDAY JULY 21ST. At 18:00 GMT. This means: London: 19:00 / Madrid: 20:00 / Istanbul: 21:00 / Rio de Janeiro: 15:00 / New York: 14:00.


Mumble: occupytalk.org server < OPEN SPACE chatroom.


What will 15-O look like this year, after the emergence of exciting new movements in Turkey, Brazil and elsewhere? 15-October is the symbol of the global change movement which was born in the day of the unbelievable global blast of 10/15/2011. On that day, rivers of people demonstrated in more dozens of countries, in hundreds of cities around the world, under a common meme: “United for global change”.It was a captivating glimpse of the possible better world to come. This year´s 15-O may be an opportunity to move further, all together, in the common quest for a sane and just future for all. This Open Space is a continuation of the 1st Open Space in Mumble – “How can we connect now our struggles and squares to create a global change?” and a call to start dreaming wildly with this year´s 15-O.

Bring your core ideas and proposals, your free hands and open ears to this Open Space, and feel free to think outside of the box and brainstorm without restrictions of the potentialities of the global change we are creating all together. The truth is we are making history collectively and don´t have to repeat the old stuff: we are free to imagine something totally unseen together. What will 15-O look like this year? What will it be? There will be plenty of space for yours and everyone else´s contributions. Drop by Mumble on Sunday 21st at and be prepared to be surprised.


Download and install mumble: http://mumble.sourceforge.net/
Mumble guide: http://www.global-square.net/how-to-join/



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Assemblies emerging in Turkey: a lesson in democracy | ROAR

By Jerome Roos On June 19, 2013

Post image for Assemblies emerging in Turkey: a lesson in democracyThe protesters are starting to counter-pose their own direct democracy to the sham of a democracy proposed by Erdogan’s authoritarian neoliberal state.

Something quite amazing is happening in Istanbul. In addition to the silent “standing man” actions around the country, people’s assemblies are slowly starting to emerge in different neighborhoods across the city. As in Spain, Greece and the Occupy encampments before, the protesters in Turkey are starting to counter-pose their own form of direct democracy to the sham of a democracy proposed by Erdogan’s authoritarian neoliberal state. If there was ever any doubt, this shows how deeply intertwined the global struggles truly are.

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Gezi Park Evacuated, Istanbul and Turkey Explode | The Bullet

Sungur Savran

After days of hesitation and negotiation, the government has finally decided to evacuate the Taksim Commune, where thousands camped in Gezi Park and which tens of thousands visited every night. Police attacked Gezi Park yesterday evening (June 15) and after evacuating it using tear gas and, as a novelty, water cannon apparently supplemented with a special kind of chemical since it burnt the skin of everyone it touched, razed the tents, the infirmary, the kitchens and the library established there to the ground.

One focus of resistance crushed meant a thousand flourished. Immediately, in a series of neighbourhoods of Istanbul and in many cities around the country, people came out in their thousands and sometimes in their tens of thousands spontaneously and started to chant the common slogans of the already fifteen-day old rebellion. The most relevant to the occasion was, of course, the widely chanted “Everywhere’s Taksim, everywhere resistance!” Other significant ones were “Shoulder to shoulder against fascism!” (Turkish left-wing tradition calls all kinds of repressive regimes “fascist”) and “Government resign!” Moving from working-class neighbourhoods, tens of thousands occupied circular roads in opposite edges of Istanbul on the Asian and European sides. A group close to one thousand marchers crossed the main bridge over the Bosphorus that connects Asia and Europe. Istanbul has now become an arc of struggle and resistance that extends over 80 kilometres in a city of an estimated population that is 14 million-strong. In the centre of the city, even very posh quarters were the scene of cacerolazos (pots and pans concerts) and marches.

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On 19th day of Turkish resistance for democracy and freedom  against the JDP government, after the harsh provocations of PM Erdogan in his party meeting today in Ankara, riot police attacked on Gezi Parkı at 20:50 this evening.

On 12 June midnight representatives of the Gezi resistance, Taksim Solidarity delivered 4 main demands of the movement to PM; however as the government continued to ignore the demands of the movement, Taksim Solidarity, after long and democratic grassroot discussions of the resisters decided to continue the resistance after the basic demands are accepted.

This evening, after the provocations of PM Erdogan in his party meeting made in Ankara, riot police started a very hard attack on Gezi Parkı with tear gas, water cannons and rubber bullets and blast bombs. There are hundreds of injured people. Police even attacked with rubber bullets against he first floor of Divan Hotel which is used as a temporary hospital and subway where people escaped and people are sending messages as: “We are dying here!”

We urge friends of Turkish movement, international community and humanity to start every efficient actions for stopping the massacring government and PM of Turkey.


What do Turkey, Greece, Bosnia, Bulgaria and Brazil have in common? | ROAR

By Jerome Roos On June 15, 2013

Post image for What do Bosnia, Bulgaria and Brazil have in common?Once again, it’s kicking off everywhere: from Turkey to Bosnia, Bulgaria and Brazil, the endless struggle for real democracy resonates around the globe.

What do a park in Istanbul, a baby in Sarajevo, a security chief in Sofia, a TV station in Athens and bus tickets in Sao Paulo have in common? However random the sequence may seem at first, a common theme runs through and connects all of them. Each reveals, in its own particular way, the deepening crisis of representative democracy at the heart of the modern nation state. And each has, as a result, given rise to popular protests that have in turn sparked nationwide demonstrations, occupations and confrontations between the people and the state.

In Turkey, protesters have been taking to the streets and clashing with riot police for over two weeks in response to government attempts to tear down the trees and resurrect an old Ottoman-era barracks at the location of Istanbul’s beloved Gezi Park. But, as I indicated in a lengthy analysis of the protests, the violent police crackdown on #OccupyGezi was just the spark that lit the prairie, allowing a wide range of grievances to tumble in, ultimately exposing the crisis of representation at the heart of Erdogan’s authoritarian neoliberal government.

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#GLOBALP2P Video Conference with Simultaneous Interpretation on Mumble | Democracy and Life, transversal democracy

Indigenous, Arab Spring, Squares, Indignados, Occupy, Yo Soy!, Chapulcular, Hackers, Students, Artists, Designers, Activists,……

Today, 14 Jun, 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM


Coordinado por +Domenico Di Siena (@urbanohumano) y +Bernardo Gutiérrez (@bernardosampa)La democracia representativa está viviendo el peor momento de su historia. La transformación hacia una democracia participativa, abierta, interactiva, parece inevitable. Sin embargo, no acabamos de llegar a un nuevo paradigma democrático. El rumbo de las etiquetas / líneas de trabajo #GobiernoAbierto#DatosAbiertos y #Transparencia parecen insuficientes. El nuevo papel de las urbes en la política parece insinuar un nuevo orden de poderes en el que lo nacional, lo regional, lo municipal y lo global van de la mano. Por otro lado, algunos Gobiernos están creando plataformas y herramientas de participación ciudadana. Pero, en ocasiones, la participación es menor de la esperada. La comunidad, la ciudadanía, no acaba de entrar en los mecanismos participativos diseñados por el poder. Y la política, el comportamiento político, está ocurriendo en otras plataformas, en otros lugares, en otros territorios. En la era del WI-FI, los teléfonos móviles con conexión y la información ubicua, la democracia en tiempo real es posible. La democracia es algo que puede suceder en cualquier lugar, en cualquier momento

[Google translation]

Representative democracy is going through the worst time in its history. The transformation to a participatory democracy, open, interactive, seems inevitable. However, we just got a new democratic paradigm. The direction of the labels / lines work # GobiernoAbierto, # DatosAbiertos and # Transparency seem insufficient. The new role of cities in politics seems to suggest a new order of powers in which the national, the regional, the local and the global go together. On the other hand, some governments are creating platforms and tools for citizen participation. But sometimes, participation is lower than expected. The community, the citizens, not just entering participatory mechanisms designed for power. And politics, political behavior is happening on other platforms, elsewhere, in other territories. In the era of Wi-Fi, mobile phones with free and ubiquitous information, real-time democracy possible. Democracy is something that can happen anywhere, at any time

Taksim Solidarity: 11 June 2013 Press Release

11 June 2013

On the 14th day of the Gezi Park protests, resisters are responded once again with riot control vehicles and tear gas!

The only difference between the police raid which happened 10 days ago at 5 am and today’s raid is the timing. Today, the police intervention started at 7 am in Taksim for a change; however, there are already tens of injured people and a police blockage causing public worry.

One can speak neither of democracy nor of dialogue when there is a blockage.There is not a single response to the demands of Taksim Solidarity, which are the shared wishes of the citizens; however, they hope that dividing the park-savers and the marginal groups among those, who stand shoulder to shoulder for any kind of solidarity in Gezi Park, would help. Nobody should think that such a division among people who protect their park and living space would be helpful. We are going to stay together, and build our legitimate and righteous demands with solidarity.

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Blockupy 2013: Fight capitalism and the austerity regime. Fuck the police.

10. Juni 2013 written by the …umsGanze! media group

Thousands of protesters from all over Germany and many European countries joined this year’s two-day Blockupy protest in Frankfurt (May 31st/June 1st). But the main demonstration was crushed by hours-long kettling and police violence – resulting in a wave of solidarity with the protest. Here’s a quick report for our comrades abroad, written by the media group of theumsGanze! alliance. A thorough political assessment will follow.

What’s Blockupy?

The concept of “Blockupy” emerged in 2011/12 as a mix of grassroots mobilization, traditional networking and the idea of a metropolitan strike or mass blockade. From the start, its perspective has been transnational, trying to counter nationalist tendencies in the European crisis regime, and to connect protests in different countries. Blockupy is organized by a broad alliance of reformist and anti-capitalist groups, networks, some unions and small parties. It went public in May 2012 with three days of action in Frankfurt, the seat of the ECB. Authorities responded with large scale repression against any kind of rally or gathering, and shut down the entire city centre with road blocks and thousands of riot police. Their aim was to discourage and criminalize protesters, so Frankfurt and the ECB wouldn’t become a “protest Mecca”. After massive breaches of civil rights, 1500 arrests and a successful occupation of the main city square “Römer”, about 25.000 turned out for Germany’s largest anti-austerity demonstration to date.

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Turkey, 11.06.2013….#OccupyGezi the Largest Uprising ever in Turkish (including Ottoman) History

Turkey, 11.06.2013…. largest uprising ever in Turkish (including
Ottoman) history

Erdogan Government, Erdogan himself, all his puppet ministers,
governors, heads of security, the entire state trow lies at public,
wide open, publicly… Entire media produce manipulation and lies…
They have built an ambush to millions of people, most of them out on
the streets this evening, tonight fighting back, furious about what
was happening….Numbers are growing.. yesterday there were more than
a million people inTaksim Sqaure. Now more figthin back on the streets
in almost all the cities. Mainstream media is busy with manuplating
and speculating only about Taksim and Gezi Park..

[Taksim Solidarity press release about today:

The state and mainstream media telling lies is probably the case all
the time but it was never so naked visible to at least to the eyes of
the half of society, 20 million adult…After today, it can not go
back to normal, it can never be the same, business as usual…

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