#OPTurkey: How to ByPass the Twitter Ban with mesh networking your social media accounts #ManyStrugglesOneHashtag #WaveofAction

#OPTurkey: How to ByPass the Twitter Ban with connecting all social media accounts

GNUnion invites activists and all social media users from across  the world to create a mesh networked collaboration to penetrate fascistic offenses at people’s most basic rights as the Twitter ban in Turkey. It is expected that the more war-prone the elite evolves more threats like this one will appear so similar bans might come  somewhere else, on other social media as well. Simplest solution worth to try is linking one’s all social network accounts to each other. Here you can see how to link Twitter to Facebook, and here Facebook to Twitter. Almost all popular tools are able to connect to others. Using one of these social media management tools, or any other ones, it becomes easy to manage and post tweets and to Facebook or any other social network, and vice versa. The posts and tweets are duplicated on several social media and can be shared by others. Then those others need to create a mesh network of accounts by linking to comrades from different countries, this creates massive in- and out- fluxes that amplifies the voice of, in t his case Turkey to the World, and the opposite. If it works the result would not be a transnational strategy that can bypass  fascistic bans like of Erdogan’s, but also could create stronger and distributed global network base. It is sure that the fiercer gets the struggle within the 1%, the more ruthless will they attack at human dignity.  They will soon try to demarcate and de-nationalize it. Yet it won’t happen triggering and feeding-in the global wave of rEvolutionary actions. An infrastructure of distributed global network of people, could be helpful to protect the Internet from being divided, while moving step further in organizing people’s worldwide response. 

Many Struggles one Hashtag – #WaveofAction

Expect us!

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All the fists of the world are GNUniting! First Brainstorm – Online Meeting This Sunday at 13.00 PM GMT

All the fists of the world are GNUniting!
First Brainstorm – Online Meeting This Sunday at 13.00 PM GMT

We are the workers whose free labour and privacy has been stolen, and sold
for greed! We have been abused, spied on and betrayed constantly. Before
this massive exploitation and surveillance machine turns into a global
apparatus in the hands of fascism, being operationalized for direct
oppression, we have to unite our fists and strike back!

This May Day is the time… How and what is not decided yet, there are
initial ideas but much is needed to put the global collective intelligence
at work to defend our and our children’s rights and dignity! Join us this
Sunday and bring your most free, creative, powerful and peaceful ideas and
dreams along… We did beat Freon, Caesars, Barons, Kings, Emperors,
Merchants, Industrial Capitalists and Nazis in the past, we can beat the
TNCs, CEOs and 1% as well!

We call all the workers, hackers, makers, farmers, artists, indignant and
outraged to GNUnite all their constructive capacity around the most
spectacular free libre and open sourced swarm to fight back and win!

Hasta la Siempre Victoria!

Taksim Commune: Gezi Park and the Turkish Uprising | ROAR

By ROAR Collective On August 5, 2013

Post image for Taksim Commune: Gezi Park and the Turkish UprisingIn their latest documentary, Global Uprisings tells the story of the occupation of Gezi Park, its violent eviction, and the mass uprising it sparked.

By Brandon Jourdan and Marianne Maeckelbergh

Since the end of May 2013, political unrest has swept across Turkey. In Istanbul, a large part of the central Beyoğlu district became a battle zone for three consecutive weeks with conflicts continuing afterward. So far five people have died and thousands have been injured.

The protests were initially aimed at rescuing Istanbul’s Gezi Park from being demolished as part of a large scale urban renewal project. The police used extreme force during a series of police attacks that began on May 28th 2013 and which came to a dramatic head in the early morning hours of Friday May 31st when police attacked protesters sleeping in the park.

Over the course of a few days, the police attacks grew to shocking proportions. As the images of the heavy-handed policing spread across the world, the protests quickly transformed into a popular uprising against the Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan and his style of authoritarian rule.

This short documentary tells the story of the occupation of Gezi Park, the eviction on July 15, 2013, and the protests that have continued in the aftermath. It includes interviews with many participants and footage never before seen.

Taksim Commune: Gezi Park And The Uprising In Turkey from brandon jourdan on Vimeo.

Assemblies emerging in Turkey: a lesson in democracy | ROAR

By Jerome Roos On June 19, 2013

Post image for Assemblies emerging in Turkey: a lesson in democracyThe protesters are starting to counter-pose their own direct democracy to the sham of a democracy proposed by Erdogan’s authoritarian neoliberal state.

Something quite amazing is happening in Istanbul. In addition to the silent “standing man” actions around the country, people’s assemblies are slowly starting to emerge in different neighborhoods across the city. As in Spain, Greece and the Occupy encampments before, the protesters in Turkey are starting to counter-pose their own form of direct democracy to the sham of a democracy proposed by Erdogan’s authoritarian neoliberal state. If there was ever any doubt, this shows how deeply intertwined the global struggles truly are.

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Gezi Park Evacuated, Istanbul and Turkey Explode | The Bullet

Sungur Savran

After days of hesitation and negotiation, the government has finally decided to evacuate the Taksim Commune, where thousands camped in Gezi Park and which tens of thousands visited every night. Police attacked Gezi Park yesterday evening (June 15) and after evacuating it using tear gas and, as a novelty, water cannon apparently supplemented with a special kind of chemical since it burnt the skin of everyone it touched, razed the tents, the infirmary, the kitchens and the library established there to the ground.

One focus of resistance crushed meant a thousand flourished. Immediately, in a series of neighbourhoods of Istanbul and in many cities around the country, people came out in their thousands and sometimes in their tens of thousands spontaneously and started to chant the common slogans of the already fifteen-day old rebellion. The most relevant to the occasion was, of course, the widely chanted “Everywhere’s Taksim, everywhere resistance!” Other significant ones were “Shoulder to shoulder against fascism!” (Turkish left-wing tradition calls all kinds of repressive regimes “fascist”) and “Government resign!” Moving from working-class neighbourhoods, tens of thousands occupied circular roads in opposite edges of Istanbul on the Asian and European sides. A group close to one thousand marchers crossed the main bridge over the Bosphorus that connects Asia and Europe. Istanbul has now become an arc of struggle and resistance that extends over 80 kilometres in a city of an estimated population that is 14 million-strong. In the centre of the city, even very posh quarters were the scene of cacerolazos (pots and pans concerts) and marches.

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On 19th day of Turkish resistance for democracy and freedom  against the JDP government, after the harsh provocations of PM Erdogan in his party meeting today in Ankara, riot police attacked on Gezi Parkı at 20:50 this evening.

On 12 June midnight representatives of the Gezi resistance, Taksim Solidarity delivered 4 main demands of the movement to PM; however as the government continued to ignore the demands of the movement, Taksim Solidarity, after long and democratic grassroot discussions of the resisters decided to continue the resistance after the basic demands are accepted.

This evening, after the provocations of PM Erdogan in his party meeting made in Ankara, riot police started a very hard attack on Gezi Parkı with tear gas, water cannons and rubber bullets and blast bombs. There are hundreds of injured people. Police even attacked with rubber bullets against he first floor of Divan Hotel which is used as a temporary hospital and subway where people escaped and people are sending messages as: “We are dying here!”

We urge friends of Turkish movement, international community and humanity to start every efficient actions for stopping the massacring government and PM of Turkey.


#GLOBALP2P Video Conference with Simultaneous Interpretation on Mumble | Democracy and Life, transversal democracy

Indigenous, Arab Spring, Squares, Indignados, Occupy, Yo Soy!, Chapulcular, Hackers, Students, Artists, Designers, Activists,……

Today, 14 Jun, 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM


Coordinado por +Domenico Di Siena (@urbanohumano) y +Bernardo Gutiérrez (@bernardosampa)La democracia representativa está viviendo el peor momento de su historia. La transformación hacia una democracia participativa, abierta, interactiva, parece inevitable. Sin embargo, no acabamos de llegar a un nuevo paradigma democrático. El rumbo de las etiquetas / líneas de trabajo #GobiernoAbierto#DatosAbiertos y #Transparencia parecen insuficientes. El nuevo papel de las urbes en la política parece insinuar un nuevo orden de poderes en el que lo nacional, lo regional, lo municipal y lo global van de la mano. Por otro lado, algunos Gobiernos están creando plataformas y herramientas de participación ciudadana. Pero, en ocasiones, la participación es menor de la esperada. La comunidad, la ciudadanía, no acaba de entrar en los mecanismos participativos diseñados por el poder. Y la política, el comportamiento político, está ocurriendo en otras plataformas, en otros lugares, en otros territorios. En la era del WI-FI, los teléfonos móviles con conexión y la información ubicua, la democracia en tiempo real es posible. La democracia es algo que puede suceder en cualquier lugar, en cualquier momento

[Google translation]

Representative democracy is going through the worst time in its history. The transformation to a participatory democracy, open, interactive, seems inevitable. However, we just got a new democratic paradigm. The direction of the labels / lines work # GobiernoAbierto, # DatosAbiertos and # Transparency seem insufficient. The new role of cities in politics seems to suggest a new order of powers in which the national, the regional, the local and the global go together. On the other hand, some governments are creating platforms and tools for citizen participation. But sometimes, participation is lower than expected. The community, the citizens, not just entering participatory mechanisms designed for power. And politics, political behavior is happening on other platforms, elsewhere, in other territories. In the era of Wi-Fi, mobile phones with free and ubiquitous information, real-time democracy possible. Democracy is something that can happen anywhere, at any time

Taksim Solidarity: 11 June 2013 Press Release

11 June 2013

On the 14th day of the Gezi Park protests, resisters are responded once again with riot control vehicles and tear gas!

The only difference between the police raid which happened 10 days ago at 5 am and today’s raid is the timing. Today, the police intervention started at 7 am in Taksim for a change; however, there are already tens of injured people and a police blockage causing public worry.

One can speak neither of democracy nor of dialogue when there is a blockage.There is not a single response to the demands of Taksim Solidarity, which are the shared wishes of the citizens; however, they hope that dividing the park-savers and the marginal groups among those, who stand shoulder to shoulder for any kind of solidarity in Gezi Park, would help. Nobody should think that such a division among people who protect their park and living space would be helpful. We are going to stay together, and build our legitimate and righteous demands with solidarity.

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The statement of Turkish protesters (in 21 languages) #occupygezi #RESISTAKSIM

 | 01/06/2013


EN: Attention! Turkish democracy needs you!

After a series of peaceful demonstrations for preserving a recreational area in Istanbul city center which is planned to demolished for the construction of a shopping mall, Turkish police attacked the protesters violently with tear gas and water cannon, directly targeting their faces and bodies. Dozens of protesters are hospitalized and access to the park is blocked without any legal basis. Turkish media, directly controlled by the government or have business and political ties with it, refuse to cover the incidents. Press agencies also blocked the information flow.

Please share this message for the world to become aware of the police state created by AKP of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, which is often considered to be a model for other Middle Eastern countries. Turkish democracy expects your help. Thank you!

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A ‘Capulcu Movement’ Rising out of #OccupyGezi resistence across Turkey I

ÇapulingI am based in the Netherlands but have been following Turkey closely since 2004, when I moved here from there. In Turkey I was working for Oleyis and DISK, progressive trade union and its confederation as a labour expert. I was also working for a PM at the parliament as a political adviser. Erdogan government had already kicked off its full-fledged neoliberal offensive towards social, cultural and labour rights as well as the nature in Turkey. However to be able to open up all at the same time it targeted the traditional secular elite in ruling Turkey until then. This ‘state class’ was a fusion of largest secular capital groups and military and bureaucratic elite. Since I left the country, I have been intensely following and sometimes writing about the AKP’s course, Ergenekon case, transformation of state and capital in Turkey, within the global political economy context. I knew the organised opposition on the ground, as well as have been followıng the OccupyGezı uprising from the beginning. So I start to write brief blogs to inform others…

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What Is Capuling? ‘Everyday I’m Çapuling’ Turkish Protest Video Goes Viral

“Everyday I’m Çapuling!” is quickly becoming a rallying cry of sorts for the so-called “Turkish Spring” protests that have swept across Turkey since police violently broke up a protest camp in Istanbul’s Taksim Square on Friday with water cannons, tear gas and brutal violence.

ÇapulingPhoto: Tumblr / @SilaVarlik”Çapuling,” or “chappuling” is a term that has taken on a life of its own as anti-government protests continue to sweep across Turkey.

Before we get into exactly what “capuling” means, click play below to check out a viral YouTube video named for the new slogan, which features footage of protesters dancing and marching down Turkish streets:

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Istanbul: a tree grows in Gezi | Red Pepper

Kevin Buckland reports from Istanbul on the movement so far – and what it means to people

occupygeziThis is a story that spans the continents, and is spreading. The recent occupation of Gezi park in Istanbul and the ripples it has had throughout 48 cities in Turkey is filling a political space that exists between Occupy and the Arab Spring; linking them like the bridges of Istanbul that span the continents. This week we have seen the violent repression of expression that marks the fine line between democracy and dictatorship, the domination of private financial interests over the common good. We are learning each year that all of our grievances are connected.

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Networked Uprisings | Protests around the world on the 1st of June, 2013, and how it’s all connected

by Jasper Teunissen

Of course I don’t have to explain to you why people are rising up today. Even Wolfgang Schäuble, German finance minister, knows:

Warning of “catastrophe,” Schäuble said, “We need to be more successful in our fight against youth unemployment; otherwise, we will lose the battle for Europe’s unity.” Reuters reports: While Germany insists on the importance of budget consolidation, Schaeuble spoke of the need to preserve Europe’s welfare model. If U.S. welfare standards were introduced in Europe, “we would have revolution, not tomorrow, but on the very same day,” Schaeuble told a conference in Paris. (Common Dreams / 29-5-13)

Deep down inside he knows that the wealth of the world belongs to us all. So his fear is deserved. He doesn’t even know the magnitude and beauty of what he is afraid of.

The date of #J1 has been circulating for months already. The Blockupy protests, a second attempt to close down the European Central Bank in Frankfurt, were announced long time ago. In Spain a new wave of Marea Ciudadana is planned for today, while Portugal will stage a new round of Fuck the Troika protests, in the United States people will reoccupy Zucotti Parktoday. The ongoing escalation in Turkey fits perfectly: it has been boiling there for decades, and now the hearts of the people are all opening up, releasing all the pain and anger, making space to fill it with fresh blood and passion for life.

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Occupy Gezi Parkı spreads to other cities. Here is the meeting schedule: #DirenGeziParkı #GeziParkı #BugünTelevizyonlarıKapat

Turkey is burning… from the sparks of a revolution! Below is the time tables of the events planned today…

Violent Crackdown On Turkey Park Protest | Stuff.co.nz

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