All the fists of the world are GNUniting! First Brainstorm – Online Meeting This Sunday at 13.00 PM GMT

All the fists of the world are GNUniting!
First Brainstorm – Online Meeting This Sunday at 13.00 PM GMT

We are the workers whose free labour and privacy has been stolen, and sold
for greed! We have been abused, spied on and betrayed constantly. Before
this massive exploitation and surveillance machine turns into a global
apparatus in the hands of fascism, being operationalized for direct
oppression, we have to unite our fists and strike back!

This May Day is the time… How and what is not decided yet, there are
initial ideas but much is needed to put the global collective intelligence
at work to defend our and our children’s rights and dignity! Join us this
Sunday and bring your most free, creative, powerful and peaceful ideas and
dreams along… We did beat Freon, Caesars, Barons, Kings, Emperors,
Merchants, Industrial Capitalists and Nazis in the past, we can beat the
TNCs, CEOs and 1% as well!

We call all the workers, hackers, makers, farmers, artists, indignant and
outraged to GNUnite all their constructive capacity around the most
spectacular free libre and open sourced swarm to fight back and win!

Hasta la Siempre Victoria!


2. Transnational Open Space Mumble Forum – 2013 World Revolution: Road to 15-O [EN. PT, ES, TR]


1) ENGLISH : 2013 World Revolution: Road to #15O – Open Space in Mumble.
2) PORTUGUÊS: Revoluçao Mundial 2013. Rumo ao #15O: Espaço Aberto no Mumble.
3) TURKÇE: 2013 Dünya Devrimi: 15-O’ya giden yol – Mumble’da Açık Platform
4) ESPAÑOL: Revolución Mundial 2013- Rumbo al #15O. Open Space en Mumble


This is a call for an Open Space in Mumble for a massive brainstorm on the 15-O to come.


THIS SUNDAY JULY 21ST. At 18:00 GMT. This means: London: 19:00 / Madrid: 20:00 / Istanbul: 21:00 / Rio de Janeiro: 15:00 / New York: 14:00.


Mumble: server < OPEN SPACE chatroom.


What will 15-O look like this year, after the emergence of exciting new movements in Turkey, Brazil and elsewhere? 15-October is the symbol of the global change movement which was born in the day of the unbelievable global blast of 10/15/2011. On that day, rivers of people demonstrated in more dozens of countries, in hundreds of cities around the world, under a common meme: “United for global change”.It was a captivating glimpse of the possible better world to come. This year´s 15-O may be an opportunity to move further, all together, in the common quest for a sane and just future for all. This Open Space is a continuation of the 1st Open Space in Mumble – “How can we connect now our struggles and squares to create a global change?” and a call to start dreaming wildly with this year´s 15-O.

Bring your core ideas and proposals, your free hands and open ears to this Open Space, and feel free to think outside of the box and brainstorm without restrictions of the potentialities of the global change we are creating all together. The truth is we are making history collectively and don´t have to repeat the old stuff: we are free to imagine something totally unseen together. What will 15-O look like this year? What will it be? There will be plenty of space for yours and everyone else´s contributions. Drop by Mumble on Sunday 21st at and be prepared to be surprised.


Download and install mumble:
Mumble guide:


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Athens. Barcelona. Tunis. Cairo. Tripoli. Sana’a. Santiago. Bahrain. Wisconsin. Yo Soy 132. Indigandos. Red Square. #OccupyWallStreet. Pussy Riot. Blockupy. Damascus. #IdleNoMore … Istanbul.

What can we learn from the beating heart of Gezi Park, the blood soaked Taksim concrete, the barricades of Besiktas? One thing: the dream of a Global Spring is not dead. It is still in its infancy, kicking and screaming.

Look around! This is what democracy looks like. The future is being built as we speak. What will it be? Singularity, or Nightfall? A sane sustainable future or a 1000 year Dark Age?

Dare to dance without knowing the next step. And then take that step with others. Beijing, you’re next. London, Moscow, Delhi and Ottawa. Then … we retake New York.

As the second anniversary of Occupy approaches, the indignation, the precarity, the gnawing feeling that life under corpo-capitalism is a dead-end –and that the future it leads to does not compute – is culminating into some kind of global big bang. The world as we know it must burst. The call is out for a new way of being … and it is being heard. A chain reaction of refusal against corpo-capitalism is underway. The global insurrectionary pulse is going steady, and now, racing forward.

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Como teleparticipar en nuestro proceso en el Foro Social Mundial

Tahrir Square

Hola a todos
El Foro Social Mundial es la semana que viene, y desde hace meses unas cuantas decenas de participantes de movimientos sociales como el 15M y Occupy y similar venimos organizando una serie de asambleas y talleres que tendran lugar en Tunez esos dias y en los que os invitamos a participar. Nuestro espacio se llamara Global Square y presentimos que hay mucha atencion puesta en nuestras actividades dentro del Forum pero queremos que tambien llegue al que no haya podido o querido asistir.
La intencion de nuestra iniciativa es intercambiar, compartir y reflexionar sobre nuestras experiencias como movimientos sociales de base entre nosotros y con los participantes de otras regiones y realidades distintas.

El programa de todas nuestras actividades (arriba a la derecha podeis seleccionar el idioma) que se organizarán esta disponible en nuestra web:

También habrá otros eventos y espacios autoorganizados fuera del programa oficial del Forum, a cargo de aquellos que viajamos a y/o vivimos en Túnez.

Cualquiera puede unirse a estas actividades a nivel individual o colectivo a través de nuestros encuentros online:

Podéis seguir nuestras actividades a través de los canales de streaming:

o por Skype, Twitter o Facebook.

Para Skype buscad y añadid a vuestros contactos la cuenta de:


En Twitter usar el hashtag: #GlobalSquare

En Facebook podéis seguirnos visitando nuestra página:

Por favor, uniros a este intercambio, abierto y autoorganizado y compartid vuestras experiencias con nosotros y con otros, pasad esta invitación a aquellos que pudiesen estar interesados en unirsenos en Tunez o conectarse online.

En este pad hemos recopilado toda la información necesiaria para seguirnos:

¡¡Estamos deseando encontrarnos, compartir y organizar!!

En solidaridad

Call for the Next global Assembly VIA22

Inline image 1

Version en español abajo (Por favor difundir!)



In this email:
1- VIA22 Call
2- Next global Assembly VIA22 
3- January 22nd 2013 #22J ? Jump in!
4- VIA22 in your  area?
5- What are the main objectives of VIA22’s monthly process?
1-VIA22 Call
Student movements, #globalNOISE, Occupy, the Indignados,  Take the Square, Democracia Real Ya, Idle No More, Social Forums,  Take the Square, Democracia Real Ya,  Social Forums, #Yosoy132, Y’en a marre, social  movements and long time human rights activists and environmentalists, First  Nations, rural and urban populations, organisations of civil society around the  world: let us share our knowledge and resources! Let us connect and unite local  and global action. May our indignation be our greatest source of  creativity…

2-Next global Assembly VIA22
VIA22 – a new international, open and  horizontal, collective inspired by the global grassroots movements and born during Quebec’s Maple Spring – is continuing it’s monthly  processes of local and global actions of convergence every 22nd of each month. That’s why we are inviting you to join our next international Assembly that will take place on January 22nd at 16h/4pm GMT, in the voice chat program Mumble (instructions on how to connect to Mumble:

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