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There are already many Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Myspace pages have been created and used by unions, union and labour activists, organisers, campaigners, labour organisations and networks. But beyond that there are selfstanding spaces of online union networking and unions adopting networking principles. One of the Blog’s aims is to map the entire universe of experiments that are currently at work and in this way to provide an overview of the phenomena.

Below is the list in progress:

NetzwerkIT (most close example to SNU concept):

The Excluded Workers Congress:

In June 2010 (at the US Social Forum in Detroit, MI), against the backdrop of the global recession, nine sectors of excluded workers came together to found the Excluded Workers Congress. We converged around a common dream: to vastly expand the human right to organize in the United States, to win a new era of rights and policies for workers, and to transform the labor movement in this country. The Excluded Workers Congress was formed to bring “the human right to organize” to life.

Greater Toronto Workers’ Assembly:

The goals of the Assembly are:1. To bring together activists within the broad working class movement, to explore the experiences and approaches to struggle that both unite and divide us as a starting point for overcoming divisions and building greater collaboration, exchange, strategic discussion and action amongst us

2. To share our understanding of the problems created by capitalism and the current economic crisis and the need to develop alternative visions that challenge the logic and power of private corporations, and the states that back them, over our lives

3. To identify and develop concrete strategies and organizational forms of struggle which defend working-class people’s immediate needs and lay the groundwork for an equitable and democratic alternative to our present economic and political system.

Joint Social Conference-Europe: Unions and social movments want build and express their own agenda for social issues in EU:

DAMTP (The union of DAta Miners/ Travailleurs Psychique):




Organizing 2.0:

New Unionism Network:

Link to New Unionism Network’s delicious bookmarks:

La Red Vida:

Labor Network for Sustainability:

Commission for Filipino Migrant Workers:!/pages/Commission-for-Filipino-Migrant-Workers/274990783209

We have also below page for our mapping exercise.

Mapping Social Network Unionism Worldwide:

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