Cyberunions Talk Show: Episode 37 Left wing, FLOSS, Right wing, or What

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0:28 Sparks are flying

  • Walton is exhausted from playing futbol
  • Sparks have through rank and file thoroughly won and got an unlikely supporter
  • The Teamsters Jimmy Hoffa Jr. supported a rank and file movement, but not the Teamsters for a Democratic Union

6:35 Stephen’s part of the world

  • Unions are back in the Cyberunions
  • Attended a small tech working group with Occupy Coyoacan
  • Started with web security discussion and ended with the OS that always forgets itself
  • Planned future security and free software options in workshops

9:23 Back to Walton’s world

  • Walton returns to his MA in Labor Studies program atRuskin College to give a talk about Cyberunions
  • Stephen thinks we need less listeners and proposing Stephen’s MA labor studies programs takes on Walton’s MA program.

10:35 Tech Update

  • Stephen keeps secrets from Walton, he’s been learning things and having fun
  • We have a Forums section at Cyberunions
  • An unexpected quick install of Vanilla Forums
  • If you create an account on our Status/Identica sight email mv (a)
  • One can use their Statusnet account as an OpenID to prevent needing multiple accounts for sites

13:28 Debate Commences…I mean we talk about things

  • We respond to the leftist critiques of Free Software, inspired by emails
  • Left wingers and Right wingers seem to like Free Software
  • Walton theorizes that the Right wing likes it cause it tackles the those collecting rent like Bill Gates
  • Current of libertarians in the tech sector, rent was left over from feudalism to capitalism
  • Capitalism can take advantage of free software, they do it with change in terms to “Open Source”

17:57 An analogy free software is to capitalism as unions are too

  • Like a union just cause you have one does not mean you are not working in the capitalist system, cause you are until you take over the means of the production
  • Free software is in a position where workers can take the means of production into their own hands
  • Organizing in the tech sector is very hard to organize
  • Massive online sandbox to experience what the commons are like and we can learn from it and apply to the physical world too

20:57 Skips the moon and mars and boom to Saturn

  • GM had a car brand named Saturn in the US
  • Production model changed to workers having a voice indesign and working conditions
  • Capitalists know that if workers have ownership and involvement they are more productive
  • Alienation of your labor still takes place and exploitation still exists
  • Tools and methods are there for the workers to take to the next mode of production
  • Google is a big exploiter with their 20% time and salary methods as the mode of production is the same
  • Free software can be easily changed into a different mode of production

25:33 A new serious of discussions?

  • We hit the philosophy discussion and see a future for it in the show
  • Free Software could be build a lighter less harsh capitalism, find it slightly progressive, better but not the end goal
  • Social Democracy and Neoliberalism are two forms of capitalism
  • If it were not for that “Horse” no wait if it weren’t for free software this show would not likely easily exist
  • Need to remember that just getting a union is the start, it’s after we have it that the real fight begins
  • Same for free software, you have it great, but still need to organize to take over the work place and change the mode of production

29:24 Does dead air exist on the internet?

  • Never happened “ummm”… “ahhh” on the show ;)
  • Need to return to this discussion
  • Stephen doesn’t think people think, we are leaders tell people how to think and we cannot be question
  • They can do what they want by sending emails to mv (at)

30:45 Take out or out take

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