Production of the revolutionary subject and the subject of the revolutionary production


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Production of revolutionary (emancipatory-liberating) subject and subject of revolutionary (emancipatory-liberating) production

With this title, I like to invite you to imagine an alternative infrastructure; a combination of alternative internet, connecting local, regional, and national  telecommunication and transportation networks, material production networks, using intermediary tools that allows democratic decision making and, free and broad exchange between the use value produced by collective and individuals involved in these networks.

Imagine that this networked infrastructure is designed and redesigned, built and upgraded like a free and open source operation systems; which run economical, political, cultural, ideological, scientific, technical, institutional and other modules integrated onto it; forming a complex ‘associated mode of production’ that works smoothly. And all modules as well as the entire system is consciously and continuously freed and freeing from alienation, private property, foreignness, secrecy, discrimination, exclusion, exploitation, domination, and injustice; unlike the modes that are dominating and destroying the planet and life today.

There are many experiments, exchanges, and inventions taking place everyday around the world today; as in every crisis or if you like Renaissance periods; within academia and campus, activist networks, art studios, work spaces, shop floors, neighborhoods, social networks on the cyberia where groups people, individuals and communities has been de-commodifying (commoning / commonifying) land (agriculture and trade base), labour (industrialisation base), money (financialisation base), data and information (informationalization base). They have been resisting to and capitalist value vortex and trying to reverse, or stop it.

We need to think of all these experiments from a ‘global labour point of view’, by which I mean as if they are parts of a global self-organizing process; as parts of a total struggle for the construction of such integral alternative system; and through such organizing and struggles dots in the global brain of ‘the collective worker’ are connected and the global proletariat is making and unmaking itself.

Commons Labour and Labour Commons 

Question to be dealt with before humanity is how to create a labour division to do the tasks needed for such integration process, along side the production of the parts to be integrated; or the imagined modules; into each other. So that all social energy and efforts would lead towards completion of a cycle of production, distribution, and reproduction of life and labour energy and time spent on the way.

How would such a comprehensive, serious, coordinated job, its tasks and processes, all the related work required could be identified, decided, and executed; is it possible to create network effects and scale/expand them constructively; as it was done in floss  projects, Wikipedia, or as it did happen in preparation of recent years’ mass uprisings.

Can the political and the ‘superstructural’: local state, national jurisdiction, regional and global governance, ideological and institutional apparatus of the ‘commodification state’ that is backed by legitimate force of violence be reversed and revalled simultaneously with the economical architecture of global capitalist logistics, production, finance, and meta-data; and can the cultural ‘deep-architectures’ it has created and embedded in societies and individuals’ genes over centruies can be healed and replaced with a new culture of emancipation and liberation.

What role would different actors, and subjects be playing in the self-organisation of this broadband emancipatory and liberatory production process, and specifically how alternative communication and exchange tools, like digital currencies, can help facilitating this labour division; so that unchaining the collective worker, and her general intellect, as well as the use value she has been generating would be possible.

Transnational unGovernance of deFinancialisation

According to WikiPedia item:
`Finance is a field that deals with the study of investments. It includes the dynamics of assets and liabilities over time under conditions of different degrees of uncertainty and risk. Finance can also be defined as the science of money management. A key point in finance is the time value of money, which states that purchasing power of one unit of currency can vary over time. Finance aims to price assets based on their risk level and their expected rate of return. Finance can be broken into three different sub-categories: public finance, corporate finance and personal finance.`

While finance is generally described so, when designing the labour division and providing value input to the alternative circuits; again the reverse engineering of public finance, corporate finance and personal finance fields needs to be thought of simultaneously and modularly.

At the commanding hight, there is so-called global financial architecture which runs over the Internet, telecommunication and logistic network technologies. Such institutional architecture was composed of autonomous financial market regulation authorities and agencies, autonomous and private central banks, corporate and public governance regulatory agencies, public private partnerships, investment agencies, stock exchanges, trade dealers, asset managers, individual investors, that regulates the deregulation from top till down to individual level.

What faciliated and coupled of the emergence of this financial infrastructure of the world market was a quasi-empire since early 70s, and its class agency: Neoliberal globalisation, transnationalization of production and the state through governance mechanisms built from top down with the synced efforts of FED, USAid, IMF, WB, UN agencies, WTO, OECD, EU. as the phenomena emerged in parallel to the building of this financial architecture. This setting was meant structural advantages to certain transnational fractions of capital globally.

The above synaptic-overview of the financial architecture on which global network of dispossession, capitalist vortex expanded has brought about strategical advantages to the transnational and transnationalising fractions of capital. Mainly in comparison to those fractions trapped in national circuits; when it comes to dividing the revenues (captured surplus value) across the global value chains fractions engaged in finance, ICTs, and natural resource extraction dominated real sector giants. The conflict and tension in and between national, local and transnational capitalists class fractions have increased.

At the global level historical blocs formed around money, information, and resource extractive fractions of capital (represented by names like Bush, Goldman Sachs, Wall Street, Silicon Valley, neo-conservative think tanks, NSA and Pentagon) on the one hand and around industrial and productive capital with more liberal outlook. This latter block is represented by names like Al Gore, Clinton, Ford, Rockefellar, Soros, Bono. These two bloc has been engaged in an intra-capitalist class conflict that cut across globalising and national capital across national capital from periphery.

This intra-class antagonism has been imposing structural limitations on the efforts and alliances devoting themselves to develop genuine alternatives and liberating structures going beyond capitalism. This has been boring down to needs of reproduction, hence money and finance.

Economy, as politics, state, and all other forms of social relationships is based on trust and mistrust. In order to be able to turn the tide, there is a need for genuine grassroots leadership in the self-organisation of the twin processes of emancipation from capital, and the re-invention of emancipatory production. This leadership has to be a truly collective, comradely and democratically networked so that it can gain a collective moral and ideological leadership on a transnational and local plane, delivering clear vision and path towards classless and just societies. Such a collective leadership needs to be build a genuinely democratic labour division, as well as moral and ethical position by striving to consciously and obviously be autonomous from aLL verities of capitalist class fractions, their attempts to use movements for their agendas in the capitalist infight. Thus nor receiving funding, and direct involvement of projects that are directly funded by elements of this intra-capitalist class war, nor joining in networks or socializing with such elements can not be aspect of the such a building process of an alternative value circuits, nor emancipation of labour.

Collective trust and friendship as intellectual and moral leadership in connecting dots in global brain of the collective worker when building a global value unchain 

Examples of existing projects:

– Offensive targeting corporate finance (Occupy Wall St., Blockup, Anti-summits targeting IMF, WB, WEF, …)
– Changing the direction of privatized public and social finance (Progressive NGO campaigns; QE for people, Basic Income, Partner State, Public Community Partnerships, …)

Above projects do not directly generate de-commodified or decommodifying forms, or relationships yet could be helpful to initiate genuine processes or expand existing ones. They can be supportive and catalyzing towards this direction yet almost all of them has been receiving fudning from ruling class institutions, that are clearly purauing an agenda of the one or other side of the above mentioned positions in the global inter-capitalist class warfare.

As for today there are several conceptions beind suggested and promoted as a reform beyond capitalism – so called ‘commons based post-capitalism’ visions.

Real struggle to be given and change need to be visible however is the personal finance level, in daily life and living social spaces and in a way that truly overcomes and goes beyond the codes of the dominant capitalist forms and relational norms.

In this sense, in case alternative currencies and the tools and spaces to allow exchange between variety of such currencies; in order to generate and expand liberated time and energy is integrated to the simultaneous and collective self-organisation process that aim for labour’s exodus in general, such an integral vision would also help to emancipate the resistance from the ruling class funding and manipulation.

In this way dialectically integrating the sides of the one struggle; it may also be possible to serve the emergence of a collective leadership which is ethically and morally consistent, liberating, and trustful; thus it can be a promising actor calling others to join in the scaling up work, by securing accelerated network effect for the creation of all reletaed modules and their integration.

Besides, the trusted tools of exchange, and exchange of trusted tools would add on to the synergy; in targeting all other dimensions of ‘property’, ‘trade’, ‘production’, ‘capital’, and ‘meta-data’, in order to be able to emancipate ‘land’, ‘labor’, and ‘data’..

Platform Cooperativism vs Platform Capitalism, Cooperative Finance vs. Corporate Finance, Commonwealth vs Private Wealth, … logical starting ideas, but always ends up with creating mirror image of emerging ruling classes. That is why we need to think of beyond this oppositions. What is needed a GNU like operating system as well as internet protocol; designed to federate modules of associated mode of production; with its free and liberating applications, browsers, accounting and office tools, social networking and social interactions platforms, all freed from data storage and capture.

Activists, peer producers, hackers, artists, organic farmers, workers, workless, academics, all has a different role to play; in both building, integration, and turning the tide of the vortex.

Elimination of reproduction of language and culture of top down managerial and entrepreneurship cult. Emergence of classless, dispossessed masses of refugees running from imperialism and wars towards fascism, and those who seek refuges from barbarism of austerity and intensifying exploitation needs to get organised collectively and simultaneously. Thinking of ‘eternal’ or ‘public’ finance for such self-organizing effort is misleading.

Vision of getting ‘richer’, joyful, healthier, happier, more exciting, may be less safe but living culture within reachable possibility in being dispossessed, being detoxed from possessions that possess the self, while detoxing nature from all those poisonous commodities needs to grow out media blockade.

As an example: activists would help organizing workers, linking them to alternative economy platforms, currencies would

Income paid to working people can be channeled to the alternative curcuits where it would recovered as usevalue;
Channeling consumption of commodities and disrupting valorization
Repay of credit depts with alternative currencies

Example of labour division:

Hackers, system developers and admins,
Artists, media activists
Labour and Social justice activists,
Political groups, progressive NGOs, trade unions, officials
Research networks and academics,
Knowledge workers,
Industrial workers,
Engineers and technical managerial workers
The excluded: refugees, domestic workers,

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