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Caferağa Solidarity Hosts #Agora99 Pre-meeting 24-26 October in Kadıköy Istanbul

[scroll for english] – Agora99 İstanbul’da AVRUPA’DAN YOLDAŞLARI AĞIRLIYORUZ! Son dönemde Avrupa’da gerçekleşen ayaklanmalar sonrası kurulan Agora99’u 24 ve 25 ekimde Mahalle Evi’nde ağarlıyoruz. İşgal fabrikalarından özyönetim kliniklerine, emek örgütlerinden mega-proje karşıtı hareketlere, mahalle evlerinden feminist örgütlere uzanan esinlendirici bir … Continue reading

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Strength and Power Reimagining Revolution | Guerrilla Translation!

Image by Olmo Calvo by Amador Fernández-Savater Translated by Stacco Troncoso, edited by Jane Loes Lipton – Guerrilla Translation! How is it possible that fifty people can stop a forced eviction? Not just once, but over and over again (as … Continue reading

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Social (Network) Unionism and Social (Networked) Strike by Tiziana Terranova

Social unionism and digital labor in the transnational space of European austerity Over the past few years, European social movements have struggled to find new ways of cooperating and connecting in order to oppose the verticalization of European governance. Following … Continue reading

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Agora 99 » 24-26 Ekim 2014 İstanbul, Üçüncü Agora99 için Önhazırlık Toplantısı

Mücadelelerden mücadelelere bir çağrı: barınma ve kent hakkı için müşterekler için; güvencesiz emeğe ve neoliberal kentleşmeye, savaş ve devlet militarizmine karşı ve yurttaşlık hakkı ve sığınmacılık özgürlüğü için yerel ve küresel mücadeleleri bağlayabilecek örgüt pratiklerini geliştirelim. “Üçüncüsü yapılacak Agora99’u 2015’te İstanbul’da düzenleyelim!” … Continue reading

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Kobanê refugee girl: “ISIS destroyed my dreams” | ROAR Magazine

Kurdish refugees from Kobanê are in want of solidarity and support while the Turkish army is accused of sharing intelligence with ISIS forces in Syria. ROAR editor Iskender Doğu is in North Kurdistan on the Turkish-Syrian border to report on … Continue reading

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P2PCollab Campaign for the 2nd International Networked Labour Seminar | Networked Labour

This is an appeal for an institutional p2pfunding and p2p collaboration campaign, for realising the 2nd International Networked Labour Seminar, in Amsterdam, at around May 2015. Draft proposal for the 2nd event can be seen here: Project will be designed, managed and executed, … Continue reading

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Women Revolution claps on the Face of President of US State-terrorism at the UN Security Council! No media coverage!! WTF

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On October 11, 2014 join the decentralised European Day of Action to stop TTIP, CETA & TiSA! Loading Map…. What do they stand for? These upcoming trade deals threaten our already weak democracies and pave the way for an attack … Continue reading

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Public Debate in Amsterdam with Pablo Echenique. Podemos and the new political practices.

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Sosyal Ağ Sendikacılığı | Eşitten eşite, ulusötesi, tabandan, öfkeli ve hiper-güçlenmiş bir işçi sınıfı hareketi

Gezi’yi Dünya Devrimsel sürecin Türkiye uğrağı olarak okumalı! 9/11’den beri giderek yükselen huzursuzluk ve öfke dalgası, işgaller ve yağmalar gözlemcilere hem büyük bir krizin hem de ona eşlik edecek devrimsel bir dalganın yaklaştığını haber veriyordu. Hatırlarsanız daha 2000’den önce Pentagon … Continue reading

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Collaboration Lab Camp 2014 |P2P Foundation

“At the heart of our economies, a diversification and increasing importance of collaborative practices can be observed. By proposing alternative paths of value creation and sharing, these practices open new perspectives in terms of consumption, production and innovation models.” – … Continue reading

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Call to forums and networks for a pre-meeting on October 24-26 in Istanbul: Let’s organize the 3rd Agora99 in Istanbul in 2015!

Open Letter to Gezi Forums and networks on the idea of organizing the 3rd Agora99 in Istanbul in 2015 Starting in 2011, the world witnessed a wave of truly transnational and global grass-roots uprisings. In Tunisia, Egypt, Iceland, Greece, Spain, … Continue reading

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Going beyond the Sharing Economy, an event in Gijón, Spain | P2P Foundation

“Sharing economy” companies already represent a total equity market value of more than US$110 billion. The sector includes world renown companies such as Airbnb or Zipcar, and analysts consider it to be the actual foundation of the new economy.But that’s … Continue reading

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#MapJam 2.0: The Sharing Cities Network has launched the 2nd annual global#MapJam

#MapJam 2.0: The Sharing Cities Network has launched the 2nd annual global#MapJam to build community and bring activists together in cities around the world to connect the dots and map grassroots sharing projects, cooperatives, community resources, and the commons. Signup … Continue reading

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John Holloway: cracking capitalism vs. the state option | ROAR Magazine

With left parties on the rise in Spain and Greece, John Holloway reflects on his influential 2002 thesis: can we change the world without taking power? Interview by Amador Fernández-Savater. Translated by Richard Mac Duinnsleibhe and edited by Arianne Sved … Continue reading

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Code Red Alarm: Another World right now, before a global counter-guerrilla warfare hits!

What has happened in Rojava and at turkey-Syrian border is extremely worrisome and tension is rapidly spreading in Turkey. Things can escalate in Turkish cities, putting nationalists, Kurdish movements, Islamist radicals, and progressives into clashes with each other, leading to … Continue reading

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From north to south. East to west. The struggle goes on…. ‪#‎FairCoop‬, the Earth cooperative for a fair economy

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Fair Coop. Target: Planet Earth!

An global open cooperative as a revolutionary tool for building other economy at the world level… now! Today I have not expropriated any banks, nor presented anything anyone can call illegal, against perhaps what expected by many, neither do I … Continue reading

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Occupying the Money System: Enric Duran introduces Fair.Coop | P2P Foundation

“What was missing for us to start out on this path was a monetary initiative present in these markets which, instead of relying on human competition to retain the greatest value, would be based on human cooperation as equals, creating value for all. … Continue reading

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The Revolution Will Not Be Funded: Beyond the Non-Profit Industial Complex – Ruthie Gilmore – YouTube

  1:10 / 15:49

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