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Geopolitics and Cognition

This ‘about’ section addresses a number of topics about this site, the reader, and the editor. Who is “us”? The “us” in the tittle of this section includes to the reader as well. The reader may ask him or herself … Continue reading

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Against Divisiveness: Digital  Workers of the World Unite!  A Rejoinder to César Bolaño by Christian Fuchs

Abstract This piece is a short rejoinder to César Bolaño’s paper The Political Economy of the Internet and related articles (e.g., Comor, Foley, Huws, Reveley, Rigi and Prey, Robinson) that center around the relevance of Marx’s labor theory of value for understanding social … Continue reading

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The Co-Workers and Co-Working-Spaces of the World Uniting?

Welcome to the Coworking Wiki! If you are a coworker, space owner, or coworking enthusiast, this site belongs to you. You can request editing privileges with a sentence or two about why you’re interested in coworking. If you’re just … Continue reading

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Debating the Global Working Class, Seminar, Friday 17th October, University of Hertfordshire,

Conference of Socialist Economists CSE South, Capital & Class  Co-hosted by the Global Economy and Business research Unit, Business School, University of Hertfordshire Friday 17th October  University of Hertfordshire,  de Havilland site, Room N003  14.00-17.30 PDF: file:///C:/Users/orsan_000/Downloads/Herts%20CSE%20event%20Hardy%202014.pdf Marcel van der Linden … Continue reading

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Freelancers’ Movement –

Independents Unite! – Preview Edition Now Available The preview edition of Independents Unite! Inside the Freelancers’ Rights Movement is now available for download. This preview edition includes five chapters. Further chapters will be released in future editions of the book. … Continue reading

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Post ECC 2013 session: From here to there. Moving forward. | ECC 2013 – Communication Platform

I. Constructing an identity of the commons movement The Hegelian distinction between the thing-in-itself and, the thing-conscious-of-itself turned out the be our starting point. This distinction also applies to (social/political) movements. Hence, there is a need to consciously carve out … Continue reading

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P2P Foundation >> Video: Wallerstein vs. Rifkin, against the zero marginal cost thesis ?

Well not really, though the title points to one possible way to interpret this interview with Immanuel Wallerstein. Wallterstein argues that historically, despite oscillations, the price of inputs in labor, material/energy and taxation, have gone up, leading to a systemic … Continue reading

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P2P Foundation » Blog Archive » Online Employment Agencies and the Casualization of the Workforce

Excerpted from Veronica Sheen (Australia): “The online agencies extend what is already on offer by contracting and labour-hire companies, as well as self-employed contractors such as office temps, cleaners, IT specialists, gardeners, labourers, or tradespeople. But in the new model … Continue reading

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A Commons Guide for the 4th. International Degrowth Conference | CommonsBlog

Commons at the 4th.International Degrowth Conference -> Let’s make them visible. A miniguide This is an uncomplete collection of commons-related events at the 4th. international degrowth conference in Leipzig, which will start on September 2. There will be an enourmous … Continue reading

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Peoples’ Social Forum, August 21-24, 2014 Canada

Peoples’ Social Forum August 21-24, 2014 University of Ottawa, 550 Cumberland St, Ottawa, ON K1N 6N5   The Peoples’ Social Forum will open on August 21 with a traditional Algonquin ceremony at sunrise and a celebratory peoples’ march in the … Continue reading

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For the Win – by Cory Doctorow

…She tells her that they are trying to recruit and organize game-workers all over the world into the IWWWW (Industrial Workers of the World Wide Web, a pun on IWW). The members of the IWWWW call themselves “Webblies”, which is … Continue reading

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#talk #dance #act – Come down from the balcony! Frankfurt Blockupy Festival November 20-23, 2014 – Blockupy

We will not wait for the appointments of the rulers – we will set our own agenda. Even if it will be 2015 before the ECB holds its hors d’oeurve event of prominent faces to inaugurate its new tower, Blockupy … Continue reading

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Hacking the Obliged Job-Search Torture in the Falling Austeriterian Empire

Universal Automation is a Chrome browser extension that automatically searches and applies for jobs on Universal Jobmatch, the government-run job search website which benefit claimants are forced to use. The purpose of this project is to support the unemployed in … Continue reading

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Everyday and transformational co-operation | Seeds beneath

Everyday co-operation is the idea that life is underpinned by instinctive and generally unacknowledged co-operation between individuals: from tacit agreements about letting one another past on pavements or the unconscious decision not to hoard the spoons at work to the … Continue reading

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Hackers tribes (Saving the World) by Becha – Technologia Incognita

Contents   1 Hackers Tribes (Saving the World) 1.1 Why are hackers like tribes? 1.2 About hackers 1.3 About hackerspaces 1.4 Why are hackerspaces like tribes? 1.4.1 On Ethics 1.4.2 Teaching Hackers Ethics 1.4.3 On Consensus 1.4.4 On Leadership p2p management 1.4.5 Other hackerspace related project 1.5 Why are tribes important? … Continue reading

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Projects | Calafou – PostCapitalist Ecoindustrial Colony

Projects Calafou is dedicated to encourage productive projects related with our ideas about ecology (environmental care, waste management, etc.), social economy, assemblies and a list of other requirements specified in this document. All productive projects are presented and coordinated through the Projects … Continue reading

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Towards a first stateless commons transition plan: a partnership of P2P-F with the Catalan Integral Cooperative

The General Assembly of the Catalan Integral Cooperative has confirmed a proposed partnership with the P2P Foundation. This is an important development for several reasons. First, the Catalan Integral Cooperative is the first new type of cooperative that is entirely in line … Continue reading

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Blockupy International Invites Movements, Networks, Organisations to an Open Assembly in Brussels. September 26-27 – Blockupy

Call for building together a transnational space of initiative for a Europe from below, through, against and beyond current Europe We, as Blockupy international coordinating group, met in Berlin on June 21st, to discuss the outcomes of the May of … Continue reading

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GNUnion v 1.0 Beta – One Big Meshwork

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Video Tutorial of P2P value directory of Commons Based Peer Production Initiatives

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