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Transnational networks of radical labour research and (h)activism: A global working class in the making

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Interview with Kees van der Pijl: Global Rivalries Today

By Orsan Senalp , Mehmet Senalp - 15 Apr 14 How have global rivalries shaped the world we live in, and how do they continue to affect the way some of the most crucial geopolitical decisions of our time are made? In this … Continue reading

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Heather Marsh: government as mass collaboration

Originally posted on Loomio:
Heather Marsh is a human rights and internet activist, programmer, political theorist, and former Editor in Chief at Wikileaks Central, and the author of Binding Chaos, a compelling blueprint for 21st century governance. An excerpt: We…

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Global Networked Labour Union invites organizers and networkers to mesh-up for the worldwide transition

GNUnion invites everybody to network and organize at the same time, in order to stitch a mass mesh network between their like-minded peers, linking them and their network bases to each other strategically. We call all to strive to build … Continue reading

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Records of the secret meeting between WikiLeaks founder Assange and Google’s CEO Schmit teamed up with US’ deep state

Originally posted on GNUnion:
Originally posted on GNUnion: View original

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Review of Lines of Work: Stories of Jobs and Resistance

Originally posted on Talking Union:
by Joe Burns Many times in discussing labor issues the tendency is to focus on policy issues or major events far removed from the workplace. In Lines of Work: Stories of Jobs and Resistance, a…

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IISH Collections Made Available Online

Originally posted on All that is Solid for Glenn Rikowski:
Communisation IISH COLLECTIONS MADE AVAILABLE ONLINE International Institute of Social History Leading IISH collections made available online Announcement, IISH, Amsterdam, Netherlands Starting today, dozens of the IISH’s leading archives…

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Worldwide #WaveOfAction General Assembly: Let us ride a Tsunami

This is the first global Mumble call to evaluate the launching of the worldwide #waveofaction, by participants across the world, on the 6th of April 2014, Sunday 13:00 London time. We love to meet and exchange our visions and ideas … Continue reading

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Global, networked, and united wikistrikes: GNUnion call for a ride with the Worldwide #Waveofaction

Originally posted on GNUnion:
Global Networked Labour Union (@GNUnion) May-First Meta-Stike Organising Group on Lorea Organizing Network Worldwide Wace of Action (#Waveofaction) Dreaming of and becoming a worldwide wiki-strike  4.4.2014 – Worldwide launch by greeting Martin Luther King May First – All…

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Meta-data frames the context where firece global intra- and inter-Class Wars takes place

NSA’s PRISM Partners Form Industrial Internet Consortium: The IoE, IoT, Industrial Internet… Meta-Data is the context where a firece global intra- and inter-class wars within and between the 1% and the 99% takes place “AT&T, Cisco, GE, IBM and Intel today announced the formation of the Industrial … Continue reading

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AAWL Public Meeting – Organising garment workers internationally

The garment and apparel manufacturing sector is mainly concentrated in a few countries in the south and south east of Asia. It is an industry with a vicious ‘Race to the Bottom’ drive that kills thousands of workers. Workers are … Continue reading

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Connecting Western and Chinese Workers | Union Solidarity International

Affiliate Now » Follow us on Twitter Like us on Facebook China is the workshop of the world. And – if you’re a worker in the West – its the threat your boss uses to keep your wages down. We … Continue reading

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Global and distributed network of (manual-mental) working class, (h)activist and oppressed people’s networks is needed

Tayyip Erdogan have chosen place his bet on dictatorial move, to raply increasing attacks coming from international Gulen cult / movement, Islamic version of the Moon Cult. AKP (un)Government finally shut herself in the head by shutting down Twitter this morning after … Continue reading

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#OPTurkey: How to ByPass the Twitter Ban with mesh networking your social media accounts #ManyStrugglesOneHashtag #WaveofAction

#OPTurkey: How to ByPass the Twitter Ban with connecting all social media accounts GNUnion invites activists and all social media users from across  the world to create a mesh networked collaboration to penetrate fascistic offenses at people’s most basic rights as the … Continue reading

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All the Net workers of the world, mesh network!

This wiki is a meta-strike developing space created by GNUnion. Inviting interested digital and analog workers, labour and union activists to use it for inventing, initiating and networganising collective hactions to target Meta-Data abuses of the Capital. Besides PRISM contractors, … Continue reading

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Venture Communism and Technological Miscommunication: a Conversation with Dmytri Kleiner

This interview with Dmytri Kleiner, conducted by KMO for his C-Realm Podcast, was transcripted by Guerrilla Translation at KMO’s request. The audio was, unfortunately, unusable for the podcast because of background noise, but the resulting interview was too good to not to share. The following … Continue reading

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MayFirst Meta-Stirke preparation assembly call, on BigBlueButton (USi), 16 March 2014, 13.00 GMT

Networganize and GNUnite to Knock-out PRISM! Assembly call and information on ON workgroup: FB event: Working Pad: Objective:  The target of the meeting is not to figure out or discuss overall organisational tactics or strategies but to create commons … Continue reading

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The Future Now – interview with las Indias’ David de Ugarte

Neal Gorenflo, from Shareable, Michel Bauwens, from the P2P Foundationand John Robb, from Global Guerrillas, interview las Indias’ David de Ugarte Translated/Re-edited * by Stacco Troncoso, edited by Jane Loes Lipton - Guerrilla Translation! Images by Las Indias and Shareable Read the Spanish version here In this interview, Shareable publisher Neal Gorenflo, John Robb of Global Guerrillas, … Continue reading

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Unite the Union’s USI mediates the established union world entering into the networked organising (networganizing) era

The below are Google Hangout videos taken from the USI’s website: i. Hack the Union from US interviews with Andrew of Union Solidarity International: ii.  A small step for unions, but a giant step for global labour emancipation?: This following link … Continue reading

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Labour and transnational action in times of crisis!

Original post With the repercussions of the economic crisis still reverberating through the global system, what are the possibilities of labour movements to form relationships of transnational solidarity in resistance to the exploitative and destructive dynamics of global capitalism? This … Continue reading

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