The P2P Prince?: The form and the program of the transnational REvolutionary subjectivity

Below text is an excpert from unpublished and unedited 2012 article Another World, Now! Coming of the Transnational REvolutions and the P2P Prince.

The  modern  prince,  the  myth-prince,  cannot  be  a  real  person,  a  concrete individual. It can only be an organism, a complex element of society in which a collective will, which has  already been recognised and has to some  extent asserted itself in action, begins to take concrete form. (A. Gramsci)


Italian political activist and theorist Antonio Gramsci’s core concepts like hegemony, organic crisis, historic bloc, war of position and war of manoeuvre are central to our understanding of today’s complex global capitalist system as well as the catastrophic changes that are currently taking place in it. Referring to the original concept developed by Gramsci, global political economy theorist Stephen Gill describes the 2008 global financial turmoil as the manifestation of an organic crisis at the global level. [1] We can also read the outcomes of the global organic crisis following another neo-Gramscian theorist Robert Cox as a mixture of three scenarios he describes.[2] First one is a global (military) Keynesian recovery being pushed by the West. Regional wars moving from the periphery to the centre involving massive destruction of lives, cities and the nature, as we witness it happening since the 9/11. The second scenario is the rise of global fascism in tandem with the regional wars. This has also been happening, especially increasingly in the centre, since 2007; highlighting the race to the bottom caused by the strengthening of totalitarian forms of capitalism at the main contenders like China, Russia and India. Finally and the last scenario is accompanying transnational revolutions, like the uprisings in the northern Africa, Americas and Europe also happening.[3]

What brought humanity to this point is not a secret and also made clear by many thinkers, intellectuals, and activists. The above mentioned article by Gill is only one of the public records. It is very clear however where we have to drive history as the humanity, the third option: Transnational revolutions. Again, following Gramsci and Gill, we can think of the realisation of the transnational revolutions in relation to the ‘Prince’. For his time Gramsci thought of it as the collective subjectivity which will give the moral leadership to a wider counter-hegemonic historic bloc, and shape the form and content of the communist revolution in a national context. And it was the communist part of the working class. Gill referred to the anti- and alter-globalisation movement. Continue reading

All the Net workers of the world, mesh network!

This wiki is a meta-strike developing space created by GNUnion. Inviting interested digital and analog workers, labour and union activists to use it for inventing, initiating and networganising collective hactions to target Meta-Data abuses of the Capital. Besides PRISM contractors, there is a need to forge class struggle against digital capitalists of, Huffington Post, and others who undermines human dignity and rights, gained after hundereds of years fighting back!

*Operation PRISM Knock-out!
Objective: To stop PRISM contractors abusing people and data, and promote an escape route to FLOSS alternatives
Targets: Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Apple, Twitter, Skype, Yahoo
Twitter: GNUnion – One Big Mesh Network
HashTag: #OPprismknockout
Planning: Irc

*Operation Mechanical Jurk
Objective: developing direct hacktion operation targeting’s Mechanical Turk mass-exploitative model
Twitter: @GNUnion
Hashtag: #OPmechanicalJurk
Planning: Irc

#WWW – #MMM: WorldWideWikistrike to save the WorldWideWeb and to stop the WorldWideWar(III)

#WWW Waves – Mareas – (light) particules – ‘I agree’ (in mumble general assembly protocol) – WorldWideWeb – #MMM millionmaskmarch (upsidedown)….

Worldwide Wave of Action

You name and organise your action! You decide when and where to prepare and launch. and  you deicde how to lead and end your actions.. as it should be!

#WWW is a Wiki direct action, which means it is made and continiously remade by all its individual and autonomous nodes, ties and hubs. It is a mesh networked strike cerated by total and absolute autonomous forces acting in harmonic connectivity. All the nonviolence, anti sexist, anti racist, anti fascist, anti autoretarian, anti homophobic, anti elitist, pro revolutinary and pro evolutionary actions and nodes are us…

From MLK to May Day, from 15M to 17S, from 15O to Nov5th we will be waving across the wolrd together as ONE large Tsunami fomred by outraged naive and good people, shouting enough is enough, but also building another world from today…

Expect Us!

#ManyStrugglesOneHashtag – GNUnion

Partido X, Global Labour Charter, GNUnion: Modelling Peoples’ Transnational Self-Governance and the rEvolutionary transition to FLOS Societies!

Below article was published in August 2011 on and P2P-Foundation’s blog on the same date.

Based on Waterman’s Global Labour Charter idea, it was a reflection for future p2p self-governance structures to be build after upcoming 15O – Global Revolution, which was seen as a starting point for a generative phase transition. 2 years later, Spain’s colourful Citizen Ties, progressive self-organised grassroots networks, might be transforming the idea into a concrete future model for total or absolute democracy: the ‘Democracy full stop!’ as it is called. Partido X, as it is described in the following link, is identical with what we have been describing in August 2011. It is not designed as a usual bourgeois party. It seems rather like a Citizen mesh-network. Here is a promotion video in Spanish (possibile to switch on English subtitles). Remaining question however is: How such model will replace the established bourgeois party politics and parliamentary-bureaucratic form that guarantees the survival of abusive and corrupt fake elite democracy and protected by the armed forces that launches ‘legitimate’ state violence and terror  in every occasion. In case it works, could such model be implemented and survive in one country, and stand against inevitable oppressive offensive of the fake democracies surrounding it; if not how should it grow beyond Spain via transnational and Global rEvolutions? There are ather models being simultaneously built and discussed, among which one of the just started to take shape and take-off: GNUnion – Global Networked Labour Union, is inspired by Waterman’s Labour Charter as a concept, and first designed under the name GAIA (Global Alliance for Immediate Alteration). GNUnion’s main inspiration source however was the Industrial Workers of the World (Wobblies) experience on the one hand -which stood up against the monopolies of craft unions and won; and on the other the GNU/Linux -the free, libre, and open source software that stood up against the monopolies of Microsoft and Apple Mac and won again. It would be plausible to suggest that in order to stood up against the fake capitalist democracies and win simultaneously -in Spain, Greece, Italy, across Europe, and Worldwide we might need to mesh all the autonomous models that are being built. The recent call for Worldwide Waves of meshed actions (#WWW) would be the catalyser of the chain (or un-chain) reaction we have been waiting for.



All the fists of the world are GNUniting! First Brainstorm – Online Meeting This Sunday at 13.00 PM GMT

All the fists of the world are GNUniting!
First Brainstorm – Online Meeting This Sunday at 13.00 PM GMT

We are the workers whose free labour and privacy has been stolen, and sold
for greed! We have been abused, spied on and betrayed constantly. Before
this massive exploitation and surveillance machine turns into a global
apparatus in the hands of fascism, being operationalized for direct
oppression, we have to unite our fists and strike back!

This May Day is the time… How and what is not decided yet, there are
initial ideas but much is needed to put the global collective intelligence
at work to defend our and our children’s rights and dignity! Join us this
Sunday and bring your most free, creative, powerful and peaceful ideas and
dreams along… We did beat Freon, Caesars, Barons, Kings, Emperors,
Merchants, Industrial Capitalists and Nazis in the past, we can beat the
TNCs, CEOs and 1% as well!

We call all the workers, hackers, makers, farmers, artists, indignant and
outraged to GNUnite all their constructive capacity around the most
spectacular free libre and open sourced swarm to fight back and win!

Hasta la Siempre Victoria!

World Revolutionary Forum: Towards WorldWideWave of Actions in 2014 (#www)


Facebook Event:

HashTags: #WREF, #www

#www call:

Hosted by GNUnion – One Big Meshwork for All the Working People

Again, 2014 will be full of struggles, actions and mobilisations for a real global change. This Mumble call will be about starting a new series of forums and assemblies that are open to all individuals who will able to make independent efforts from any corporate, state and NGO funded agenda and; who could be exactly themselves when changing the world, when getting together, discussing and collaborating with others; either as a part of a collective, group, network or individually, and by using either online, or face to face means, or both.

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Follow #MillionMaskMarch ‘es Around the World Live Here

#BillionMaskMarch – On the International Road to Dignity

rEvolutionary activists, immigrant-flex workers, lgbts, unionists, environmentalists, hackers, makers, artivists of the World,


Show  Transnational, Outernational and International Solidarity

RedHack ve Anonymus’dan 5 Kasım’da Dünya Çapında Eylem Çağrısı


“Merhaba dünya. Biz Anonymous. Biz insanlarız. Dünya devletleri, bu mesaj, son UYARIMIZDIR. Oyun resmen sona erdi. Sosyal medya yeni bir şey doğurdu. Şimdi kayıtları doğru tutmanın zamanıdır. Bu video dünyanın kalbine ve aklına iletilen o kıvılcımın güdülenmiş halidir. Bu video bir fikir, paylaşılmış bir fikir. Bu yüzden dikkatli dinleyin ve oturduğunuzdan emin olun.


Tüm özgür düşüncelilere sesleniyoruz! Zaman; dünya sivil itaatsizlik zamanıdır. Zaman; aynı zamanda, dünyanın her yerindeki sivil direnişlerin desteklendiği bir zamandır. Arslan artık uyumuyor. Kendinize şunu sorun; Biz tarihi yaratırken siz nerede olacaksınız?

5 Kasım 2013 Dünya çapında. Şimdi bu bir kan davasıdır (vandettadır), kişiseldir.


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March masked on the roads, throw fireworks at the skies of Austerity: Cameron of UK will ‘Remember the 5th of November’

We want to make this Firework Night one which David Cameron will remember and remember for a long time!

Facebook CoverThe Peoples’ Assembly is calling for a day of protest in every town and city in the country.

The actions will be many and various, ranging from occupations of public space to occupations of banks, from online petitioning to blocking roads, from leafleting with the rail unions against the privatized rail companies to student occupations.

We are hoping for three waves of action: one in the morning, one at lunchtime and one in the evening. And at the end of the day the local out-sourcing contracts, the welfare legislation, the loan company adverts will all make a splendid bonfire…and you can choose whether the guy is Cameron, Gove, Clegg or Osborne.

More information to follow. Post your actions / ideas below

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#21D Public Debate on World General Strike: How to Hack / Crack Capitalism

Today at around 8 pm UK time there will be an online and informal open debate taking place on how to network and organise a global, indefinite, new generation emancipatory mass action. Please join us and share your ideas!

Will be looking forward to meet!


On-line Public Debate 

What kind of transnational mass direct action to bypass / transcend capitalist mode of production and reclaim the life globally?

Date: Friday 21, December 2012,  8 pm GMT (UK time)

for other locations please use the time zone converter:

Place: OccupyTalk Mumble Server

How to join:

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How to Rebrand Walmart via 99 Pickets

December 12, 2012 by 99pickets – original post

Ready to Jam a Walmart Near You? Great! Here’s How.

Show Solidarity with Striking Workers

Read to the end for links to download hi-res, printable Rebrand Walmart signs.

Making the Signs

  • The “Unstoppable” and “Fightback!” price cards are ready to print and copy onto 8 ½ X 11 card stock. Cut ‘em youself!
  • The “Lower Wages Guarantee” sign can also be printed on 8.5 X 11 with little cutting (Those are the same size and look as signs right by the cash register… Just sayin’).
  • The red banner-type signs (“Poverty Pay”, “Inhumane”, ”Solidarity” are formatted so you can print them on legal size paper and they’ll be just the right size for the displays in the store. After you print them on legal paper, cut them. Then copy them two at a time onto 11 X 17 card stock.

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Economic disobedience Manifesto: We Will Not Pay!

Sick of politicians and institutions ignoring their demands, more and more people within Spain are determined to build their own, truly public spaces.  Such spaces are collectively-run, created for and by the people themselves, rejecting the cuts and other interferences from those in power.

Consensus-led decision making in meetings and collectively-run services are essential to improving popular forms of organizing.  There’s no time to lose; Europe is steeped in debt, states are continuing to cut their people’s rights, loans and services, leaving an ever vaster number of basic social needs exposed.  States neither want to cover nor are capable of providing for their people’s needs.

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Support Walmart Black Friday Strikers! | OWS

Support Walmart Black Friday Strikers!

Boycott Walmart Poster

Support the Walmart Black Friday Strikers!

It’s time to take a stand and support the workers who are standing up to live better through an unfair labor practice strike.

Walmart workers decided to strike on Black Friday after they were targeted for retaliation for speaking out about substandard work conditions and treatment last month in the first ever walk out in the history of the company.

We ask you to help us feed the workers who will walk out on the company next week on the biggest shopping day of the year.

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We are ordinary people, outraged like you. Some calls us Indignados others 15M or Occupy Movement, describing those who is pushed at the brink of the global disastrous system or already fallen out of it.

We are sometimes highly educated, most of the time working in a precarious condition or unemployed and often homeless people who have risen up globally in 2011 and 2012.

We revolt not only defend our own rights or rights of those like us, but also of others who has worse or relatively better conditions than ourselves. We have been standing up against the system for the sake of the entire planet and life.

We do not claim to be representing others, or even each other of us and we reject those who claim to be able do so. Instead we choose to fight not only for our selves but also for the others who cant fight at the moment.

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Discussing Global Unionism II: The Social Network Model

RT map of protests across EU.

Below we are re-posting the second paper of the very timely discussion on how to form truly global unions -instead of international federation of national unions. The discussion has been recently launched by the New Unionism Network and you can read other papers here.

 The network is the vanguard. Dan Gallin, Chair of the Global Labour Institute

The union movement and FaceBook are about the same size, as of October 2012. That’s about one billion members, or one seventh of the world’s population[1]. It’s a milestone that has attracted very little attention because, frankly, the comparison ends there.

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Report from Agora 99: European movements share strategies in Madrid ahead of general strike

by Ter Garcia, originally published by Waging Nonviolence  | NOV 9, 2012

The Agora 99 General Assembly. (Twitter/@dar1o)

Shared problems need shared solutions. That’s why, last May, members of various European social movements met in Frankfurt to protest the European Central Bank in three days of action under the name “Blockupy.” There, they decided that they needed to do more to create joint strategies for fighting the excessive power of the financial sector and the resulting policies of austerity.

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NO SHOPPING AT ANY WALMART IN AMERICA on Friday, November 23, 2012!

Please watch this informative documentary about WalMart and their practices, ‘WalMart: The High Cost of Low Prices’:

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More than solidarity: European movement against Austerity gathers strength

European trade unions and movements are taking the fight against austerity to a new level on November 14 reports Chris Nineham from Florence

The meeting of two or three thousand European activists and trades unionists in Florence headlined ‘Firenze 10 + 10’ has been lifted by plans for a united day of action across Europe. Wednesday November 14th will mark a breakthrough in the struggle against austerity in Europe. There will be co-ordinated general strikes in Portugal, Greece and Spain and significant strikes and solidarity actions in many other countries. The CGIL union in Italy, for example, an organisation of nearly six million, has announced a strike of all its members around the country.

This is a historic and crucial development. There have been other European days of action and joint protests in Brussels and elsewhere, but this will be the first time since the great anti-war protests nearly ten years ago that this level of co-ordination has taken place across borders. It is the first time that general strikes have been organised simultaneously. Continue reading


Greece Jumpstarts Week of Protests as General Strike Takes on Austerity

End of austerity cuts as likely as ‘Father Christmas’

– Common Dreams staff

Greek workers began a week of anti-austerity strikes across the country Monday as state hospital doctors, taxi drivers, Athens transport workers and journalists walked off the job. The action comes ahead of a nationwide general strike on Tuesday and Wednesday, which will grind the country’s infrastructure to a halt while the Greek Parliament decides how to implement just one more round of extreme austerity measures.

Photo: Agence-France Presse/Luoisa GouliamakiGreece’s conservative-led coalition government, headed by Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, presented the country’s fourth austerity package in more than two years to Parliament Monday evening, which has been demanded by Eurozone creditors of the Troika. The proposal will consists of $17 billion in public spending cuts, tax hikes, salary and pension cuts, and a two-year increase in retirement age to 67. The package is also expected to weaken worker and union bargaining rights, making it easier for the public and private sectors to hire and fire people.

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